Best Accounting Cover Letter Example [Word]

Accounting Cover Letter Example

The Accounting Cover Letter Example are as important as any other type of cover letter. On the other hand, these letters need to be drafted on a more specific ground since it involves the detailing of the most important factor in business and that is money.

When you are looking to obtain an accountant job, ensuring your cover letter and resume are up to today’s standards is a way to greatly increase your chances of landing the position you have in mind.

Using an Accounting Cover Letter Example and researching the steps to create your cover letter is a way to save time while giving you the ability to stand out among other candidates who are also vying for the same job.

An Accounting Cover Letter Example must not be the exact copy of a cover letter and must be brief but to the point in its nature. The accounting applicant must make sure that the cover letter is original and not copied from any source or person. Find a Accounting Resume Template here for your reference.

Accounting Cover Letter Example

Accounting Cover Letter Example


Ms Kate,
B-17, Hampshire archway,


Mr Potter,
UHR finances,

Dear Mr Potter,

I, Ms Kate, am writing this letter to seek the job of junior accountant in your reputed firm under your guidance and experience. I have a degree in the field of finance and accounting from the St. Stephen Business School, London. Besides this, I have a considerable experience in the field of finance and accounting as a junior accountant. I have been working in the FRS shopping centre for the last 18 months as a junior account. However, now, I feel that a reputed firm like yours shall do better justice to my educational qualification and the endeavour I put it in the work that I am assigned to do.

Kindly, have a look into the enclosure of this letter which bears my resume and all the necessary information regarding the educational qualifications and the experience which I have in the field of finance and accounting. Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours faithfully,

Ms Kate.


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