Best Accounting Resume Template [Word]

Accounting Resume Template

This sector has many job openings for senior-level and junior-level positions. Given below is the accounting resume template which is useful for all who want to apply for accounting jobs. You can use the template by changes name, education, and other details.

Accounting is a very vast field, and it has many job prospects and many different positions are available. Those who have studied accounts or finance at the university can apply for various jobs. Few positions available are staff accountant, Certified public accountant, general accountant, business analyst, and cost accountant.

Accounting Resume Templates are different outlines of resumes for those who seek a job in the accounts field. Auditors, Audit Executive, Financial Analyst, Manager โ€“ Internal Audit, Chartered Accountant, etc are some posts to name in this field.

Accounting resume template have become popular because it saves a lot of time. With a template, you can prepare a resume within 10 โ€“ 15 minutes, which will otherwise take one or two hours, if all the information is at hand. Another benefit of this template is various styles of presentation. You can decide on the style according to the company you are applying to.

You can select the style, size, letter count, etc of your resume if you are doing it with a template. You can see what the finished resume will look like, beforehand. It helps the job seeker to express easily all aspects related to his skill in the job.

Accounting Resume Template helps freshers and also employees seeking a better position. Professional resume writers to make use of these templates. Find a Inventory Manager Resume for your reference.

Accounting Resume Template

Accounting Resume Template

Robert Smith

Phone: (453) 286424


Want to join an organization as a senior accountant.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Excellent accounting and finance skills.
  • Knowledge of computer accounting programs.
  • Good conversational skills.

Career Experience/Job History:


Smith & Johns Company, Oklahoma US

Senior Accountant

  • Have to look after company accounts.
  • Leading a team of 5 junior accountants.


Blank finance Co., Virginia, US

Junior Accountant

  • My responsibility was to assist the senior accountant in various tasks.
  • Making reports for the company accounts.
  • Merger related accounts activities,


  • I have achieved first grade in the accounts subject in the master level course.
  • My work is appreciated by the company by issuing an appreciation certificate.


  • MBA in Finance and Accounting, University of South Carolina, US
  • BA in Finance and Accounting, University of Oregon, US

Professional References Upon Request


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