Letter to Bank Manager For ATM Card

letter to bank manager for atm card

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Letter to Bank Manager For ATM Card

Malviya Apartment Sec 13 Rohini
22nd July 2022
Branch Manager State bank of India Sec 9 Rohini
Subject – reissuing ATM card


This is to bring to your kind notice that I want to submit a request for reissuing my ATM card Account no 23456*

My ATM card has not been working since last week. I have contacted bank helpline no and follow all the instructions given by them. cleaning the card with a cotton cloth. I also want to bring to your notice that online transaction from this card is working absolutely normally. The problem is with the physical withdrawal of money from ATM machines and different cash swapping machines.

I request to take immediate action and reissue my card. Inform all the action to be taken with the old card as now I am using the current card for the online transaction.

Your fairly XYZ

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