Best DJ Resume Sample (Download)

DJ Resume Sample

A sample has been given below, which will help you design your DJ Resume. A disc jockey popularly known as a DJ is known for performing different music programs on different occasions. He plays a variety of music to the demand of the audience.

The job profile of a disc jockey is quite interesting, as he plays at different places such as nightclubs, radio stations, different events or functions, etc.

They organize and perform in different colleges, marriage ceremonies, or other special ceremonies too. They are good at selecting music as per the choice of the audience. A disc jockey also works for different companies, but mainly they have their own business. They own their DJ firm and perform on-demand. They have good knowledge of different music equipment.

So, while writing a resume for the post of a DJ, you should be aware of the fact that you should have all the skills that are required to be a good DJ. You should have all the qualities, right from the personality to the music. You can also download commerce student resume.

An employer looks for a candidate who has the skills of a good DJ Resume written in a good format mentioning all the skills as per the requirement of the employer will surely give you an interview call. It is also necessary to follow a proper structure or format while writing a resume for the job of a disc jockey.

DJ Resume Sample

DJ Resume Sample

Your Name

Mobile no:  

Career Objective

To become one of the most popular disc jockeys in the country and entertain people with all my innovative DJ skills.

Key Skills

  • Updated with music trends of the current scenario
  • Excellent knowledge of different songs and music
  • Ability to attract an audience with rocking music and songs
  • Excellent knowledge of mixing songs and dialogs
  • Good knowledge of setting and operating different lighting and audio equipment
  • Comfortable with working at different locations
  • Highly energetic and enthusiastic to attract the crowd on the beats
  • Good with working on computers and mixing the songs
  • Good knowledge of the latest music technologies
  • Comfortable with working in a team, as well as managing a team

Educational Qualification:

  • Completed Graduation in Music from the University of Missouri in the year 2018
  • Diploma in Radio Disc Jockey from the University of Missouri in the year 2019

Work Experience:

Star DJ band, Nevada

Designation: Disc jockey

Duration: November 20XX to June 20XX


  • Managing the whole team of musicians
  • Interviewing different musical personalities
  • Interviewing different audiences who request different songs
  • Performing in events of different colleges and corporate
  • Performing in different functions such as weddings or other social events
  • Supplying different music equipment at locations of performances
  • Also responsible for coordinating with broadcasting teams of radio and television
  • Performed in various nightclubs on different occasions such as Christmas, New Year, etc.
  • Responsible for performing in different events or occasions
  • Responsible for managing a team of musicians and lightman
  • Interviewing different personalities related to music
  • Taking interviews of people who demand songs


Was awarded as the Best DJ of the town in the year 20XX


Barbara Baker
Disc Jockey
Rocking DJ Band, Nevada


Final Words

The sample given above will help you to a great extent while writing a resume for the post of Disc Jockey. You are also needed to mention the qualities needed for this post.

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