Best Investment Banking Cover Letter Example

Investment Banking Cover Letter

Investment Banking Cover Letter is written by the bank customers regarding investments, loans, and new schemes, or it can also be written while applying for a bank job. Whatever the reason is, the bank cover letter should written in the professional and effective language.

Banking cover letters are the kinds of cover letters that are written by people interested in a banking job. These cover letters are directed at letting the employer know about your skills and experience in the banking field.

A good Investment Banking Cover Letter can directly get you your dream job, so it is important to write a good letter. But it is not always easy to frame a banking cover letter properly. To help and guide you for the same, we have a few points which might assist you in writing a banking cover letter:

  • Begin your article by clearly stating the banking position that you are seeking. It is vital to opt for a position that suits your skills and qualifications.
  • Then proceed on to mention your academic details and qualifications in detail. Also mention your experience details, if any briefly.
  • It is very important to talk about your skills and how they hold you suitable for the position that you have applied for.
  • In the last paragraph, state your future goals and other objectives and how this job will help you achieve those.
  • Don’t forget to write your contact details at the top of the letter.
Investment Banking Cover Letter

Investment Banking Cover Letter Example

Mr. Michael Jordan,
United States Bank,
252, Park Avenue East,
New York, NY 13425-6319.

Dear Mr. Jordan,

With the reference to the job opening advertisement in Employment news on 2nd September,20XX I would like to apply in analyst position with your bank. I already had talks with investment advisors and others about your firm that has made me respect the professionalism of your employees and your firm. I am absolutely confident that the values of your bank will compel me towards a good career.

I have enclosed my curriculum vitae with this cover letter for your review purpose. Please review them and the references and kindly consider my resume for the post of Investment Banking Analyst in your bank. I strongly look forward to meet you personally for a PI and share my ideas with you pertaining to career growth, both of the company and mine as well.


Nicholas Cage


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