Cokube The Most Advanced AI Based Rapid Application


hey, guys welcome to this simply learned session on cokube ai application in 2021. So here’s a small refresher about artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence refers to the intelligence displayed by machines that simulate human intelligence. It’s the ability of a machine or a program to think and learn now that you’re all caught up. Let’s take a look at how different domains are using ai.

AI Based Rapid Application

Let’s have a look at the current market state of ai, according to a tractica a market research firm the global ai market is expected to reach a revenue of 118 billion dollars by 2025.

Next according to the research firm Gartner ai usage has grown by 270 percent in the last four years. A clear indication of the growth that’s yet to come in the upcoming years. 87 percent of companies that have adopted ai.

we’re using it to improve email marketing and in some news that could be positive or negative depending on how you look at it 75 countries are now using ai technology for surveillance.

Cokube The Most Advanced AI Based Rapid Application Framework

Now let’s have a look at how cokube artificial intelligence is used in e-commerce or business ai offers you personalized shopping with ai you have a recommendation engine through which you can engage better with your customers. These recommendations are made by taking into consideration of their usage history.

Preferences And Interests 

by providing these recommendations what you’re doing are improving your relationship with your customers you are improving their loyalty towards your brand and by extension causing an increase in the number of conversions with cokube ai.

You can provide users the ability to perform visual searches users can upload an image of the item they require Search results are shown that match their query, so all of this can be done without them having to type a single word. 

Cokube Assistants

Cokube ai powered assistance assistants like virtual shopping assistants and chatbots that help improve the user experience. While shopping online for this technique like NLP or natural language processing is used to make the conversation sound as human and personal as possible. Did you know that soon customer service could be handled by a chatbot on

Moreover, these assistants can have real-time engagement with your customers they can handle multiple situations like if the customer has some feedback the chatbot will take it from them, or if they have some basic questions about your brand.

The chatbot can help them out. These assistants can help further emphasize the point to the users about how important they are to your organization.

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