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Electricity Freedom System

Electricity, as a source of energy, is crucial in our lives. It is not getting cheaper by the day. Electricity Freedom System is a new concept that offers you a way to create your method of how you can save on your energy bills. It will help save electricity for the coming generations.

This revolutionary concept is devised by Rich Lubbock. He is a professional researcher in the field of renewable energy. His program, Electricity Freedom System, shows you the way how you can go about creating your power plant at home. It is like a miniature power generator that you will have with you. This system helps eliminate the gas or electric bills in the days to come.

This is a step-wise method that helps you plan to build your power plant which will be a natural and clean unit that requires very little maintenance. It will save you tons of money on your energy bills.

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What is Electricity Freedom System?

This is an ideal energy guide for your home that shows you how you can take steps. The instructions are simple enough for even a layman who does not require technical knowledge to create his electricity system for the house.

The system includes an easy video guide with blueprints that are illustrated. It comes with a list of materials. It gives you information on how you can audit the usage of energy in your home and how you can make it more efficient.

It gives you tips on several topics and provides specific advice on how you can install solar panels so that they will function at full capacity. The system also shows an effective and simple way to make your converter weatherproof. It will help you do away with your dependence on the electricity supply from the city’s main grid. Within a month of using this system, you may be able to become self-sufficient and stop depending on energy from external sources.

The system allows you to share the production of natural energy in the world. It will take you three hours to set up the system, and once you do it, even if the grid fails or if there are power outages, it will not matter to you. It will not matter to you even when the energy prices go up. If there is a shortage of natural gas supplies or the oil prices shoot up, it will not have any impact on you.

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What is the inspiration behind the Electricity Freedom System?

Rich Lubbock got inspired to create the Electricity Freedom System when he went through tough times about four years ago. As a result of a heavy snowstorm, he and his pregnant wife had to struggle with a long power outage that lasted for several days.

As he had plenty of background researching in the field of renewable energy, he started to search for a source of natural energy that would not be expensive and also would help him become independent from the electric supply companies.

He began considering the possibility of organic plant material, particularly grass, as a source that could be used for alternative energy. He explains in a simple way that fallen leaves, grass, twigs, and weeds absorb and then store sunlight in such a way that it is easy to change carbon dioxide and also water into photosynthesis and serve as food for this material. As per Lubbock, a pound of such plant material could provide up to three hours of electricity to your home.

Along with his colleague, Jim Tellman, he came up with a prototype for a power generator that would be able to trap and then convert wasted energy from plant materials. He then wrote down stepwise instructions to formulate his offering.

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What do you need for setting up the Electricity Freedom System?

You need plywood, insulation tape, a plastic tarp, a few adhesives, a thermometer, and a dryer hose along with some screws. This material will cost you under a couple of hundred dollars in your local hardware store. There is no fire involved and no dangerous fumes that you have to bother about for the possibility of a dangerous reaction.

You can put all the plant material into the major compartment of the power generator and add some water to it. The chamber has been designed in a resourceful way. The material in the plant will decompose naturally and quickly, and it will give off large energy volumes that are captured and then transformed into the production of electricity.

Lubbock designed two varied simple converters. One was to generate electricity, and the other was to create a safe type of organic gas which is not biogas. The organic gas that you derive from the Electricity Freedom System will use a powerful and effective process of aerobics. It captures more than 95% of the energy that is being produced. It is much more powerful than what you could expect from a conventional biogas product.

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How does the Electricity Freedom System work?

The Electricity Freedom System is a guide that is simple to follow and it will assist you in developing your energy system in your home. It will help you in reducing your dependence on power companies. You will be able to set up a power generator that is efficient and costs very little in maintenance.

It will work just as efficiently as the power source that you see currently. This energy guide will help you in cutting down the energy bills and take good control of power disruptions that may happen without a warning.

This system has been devised especially to give you everything that you require to slash down the energy bills that you receive every month. This program is meant exclusively for people who want to help save the money that they spend on exorbitant electricity bills. It is a worthwhile investment.

It is a product that has resulted from years of expertise in the field of renewable energy and its resources. You will benefit from the contributions made by this brilliant engineer, Rich Lubbock. He has converted a technical innovation into a simple program that you can use easily.

This guide will give you a comprehensive list of all organic materials that are plant-based and can be used inside your generator. It will work during all snowstorms, heat waves, or torrential rainfall. All you need to do is to add several pounds of sticks, hay, and grass within a span or interval of a few days.

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You have to remember to keep adding some gallons of water every week to make it function smoothly and effectively. You do not need to bother much on its maintenance as it does not use any parts that are moving and the plant material that you keep adding can be broken down naturally. You will not need to clean them out extensively. The total time that you need to set up the system is just about three hours.

Professionally written and well-shot videos that give you details about those exact steps you have to take for creating this do-it-yourself power generator and how you can get it installed in your electric box or your gas supply.

The package gives you a comprehensive list of the plant material that you require as fuel for the generator. Instructions are easy to follow on how you can protect the converters from harsh elements of the weather. The Electricity Freedom System will work when you place grass clippings and plant materials into the principal compartment of your generator.

You have to add little water and hook this generator to the inlet switch of the power box. The package comes with the building plan, a list of materials that you need, a video demonstration, and directions that have been given through illustrations. You will also get customer support on a lifetime basis.

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What do you learn from the Electricity Freedom System?

You get to learn a comprehensive system that offers you a stepwise video guide as a manual, showing you how you can build this system right in your own home. The program helps in teaching you when to add on the material of organic plants such as hay. Flowers, wood, weeds, sticks, leaves, and grass to your system. The program helps you in creating a power generator that could best be described as an effective and low-maintenance one. It will work as effectively as possible on the power source that you have in your home, currently.

The video guide will give you various ideas and there are accompanying written instructions that detail how you can connect the system exactly to your gas supply or the electric box.

You will also be guided to a simple yet brilliant method of making your converter weatherproof. The system will show you how you can discover power generation on a homemade basis and how you can save tons of money while doing that.

You will understand how simple and easy it can be for you to create your electricity with this system. It will tell you honestly about how you can expect to come close to generating free energy for yourself in your home.

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Pros and Cons of Electricity Freedom System


  • The manual guide is in a digital format and this indicates that it will be instantly ready to use after you buy it.
  • It will offer you and your family a comprehensive method of reducing energy costs. It will not only save you plenty of money but it will also help you save considerable time when you have disruption from the main grid or power outages.
  • You will be able to capture more than 95% of the energy that is contained naturally in the materials that you arrange from organic plants.
  • The program guide offers simple steps and guidelines that you require to achieve the installation of the system generator. It is a friendly manual which makes it easy to follow. It will also offer you more techniques and instructions along with some tips.
  • When you buy this system, you will have access to all the blueprints in full color that give you stepwise directions along with a list of material that you need to get the program running.
  • On average after you install the Electricity Freedom System, you will be able to save upwards of $150 per month from your energy bills.
  • Should you change your mind about this program or you remain dissatisfied with it, you can send an email for getting a refund and it will be given to you without any questions asked.
  • You will get lifetime support on an unlimited basis with this program and you will be covered by a full money-back warranty for a trial period of two months.
  • It is easy to build and even if you have not been able to put together anything at home, it will still not be too difficult for you to assemble and install this system.
  • The instructions are illustrated and they are clear enough with step-by-step methods in a video presentation.

The source of energy for the generator inside this system is virtually free for you. You may begin to look around your yard and check out fallen leaves, grass clippings, and branches that may be decomposing there. It will go to waste anyway. The only time that you may have to go and buy this stuff is when your yard is snow-covered.

When you gather this varied source of energy for the generator, you are well on your way to spending considerably less on your gas or electric bill. Which person will not be willing to save valuable dollars every month on energy bills? None! You may be finding your energy bills to be already expensive. This system offers you a highly practical solution. You can do a lot with the extra money you will be saving for your family.

This system will be effortless for you to use. It does not require much expertise to set it up. You require only the organic plant materials and about a gallon of water before you plug the generator into the power box. It is that simple to use.

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  • You cannot buy this program in retail shops or electronic stores. It is only available online.
  • It is available only in a digital format.
  • It is not available in hard copy format.

Electricity Freedom System is an Eco-Friendly Solution

There may be many renewable sources of energy out there, like the sun. But, if you live in a region that does not receive a sufficient quantity of sunlight, you may find it a bit difficult to use other sources of energy. This system offers you an eco-friendly and human solution in such cases.

It will not emit harmful fumes. It will not generate any loud noise when the generator is in use. It is a solution that is offered to you without any risk on a sixty-day guarantee of getting your money back. Rich Lubbock offers you that with his Electricity Freedom System.

There are no complaints or any negative feedback received on this product by far and this warranty will be a big plus point for people who are keen on buying this system. If you are not happy, you can email him and get your full refund by returning the system.

You need to give it a shot and put in a little effort in getting it installed. You will have to remember that there are no hard copies available of this system anywhere. You will have to use its digital format online. The material inside this package is only available for downloading after you make your payment and the only choice you have is to have proper internet connectivity available.

The package does not come without cost. You will have to pay the price of the system and also for the materials that you need. The cost is well within limits to build its generator. It is going to pay you back many times over in the long run when you strip yourself from the dependency of the electricity cost from the main grid in your city.

More than seventy thousand families have used this system in their homes and have realized that it is a dramatically cost-effective and simple way to get their homes powered. They are amazed at how quickly this system brings down their electric bills and helps them save money.

The electricity bill cost is rising by leaps and bounds with each passing day, and people cannot manage to live without electricity supply even for a single day. This system allows you to do just that as it enables you to produce power for your home in ales expensive and faster way.

It is much easier to set up than you had imagined. This system is a guide for energy that will be home-based. It gives you valuable information for keeping you safe and well connected when there is a blackout or a power outage. It will reduce your dependency on the power companies that supply electricity to your home, and it will help you bring down those energy costs that are consistently burning big holes in your wallet.

You can now build a low-maintenance and natural power plant in your own home. You can save yourself considerable money with this affordable Electricity Freedom System. It is supplied to you as an e-book that is pdf formulated, and it contains valuable information on how you can set it up.

It is nothing but a modified prairie type of generator that you can use at home with just about an investment of a couple of hundreds of dollars. It gives you a list of materials that are mostly derived from organic plants to set up this generator.

This generator will help in producing alternative energy and will save you plenty of money on the electricity bills. You will learn how you can generate virtually free electricity for your home. It will also show you ways of how you can make your converter weatherproof so that you are not hindered by snowstorms or any other harsh elements of nature.

The program will teach you how you can modify and change radiant power in the atmosphere to electric power and you do not need any great extra resources to make this operation successful. The system will work almost anywhere, and with plant materials like grass, twigs, hay, and leaves. This is what is making this program highly popular and successful.

It needs only a will on your part to remove your resistance to change and learn about this new concept. When you are prepared and ready to try on this innovative concept, you will be on your way to cutting down future costs on electricity bills.

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This system is not a scam. It is a quick-fix solution to cutting down on energy costs. It has to be looked at as a long-term investment. This system by Rich Lubbock will eventually pay for itself. The cost for its construction and its installation can always be reduced if you gather much of the material from your own or your neighboring backyard.

It will be a highly practical solution as an alternative renewable source of energy. There is nothing to lose and there is no risk involved as Lubbock offers you a sixty-day money-back guarantee. The instructions are illustrated for you to follow easily when you set up this system.

The video is also simple to follow when you have to build your generator for home-produced electricity. You do not need to be a highly-skilled electrician to set this system up.

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