Event Management Courses After 12th

event management courses after 12th

The event management courses used for the development and creation of events, festivals, and conferences is event management. It involves the study of the intricacies of brands, identification of the target audience, the event concept devising, logistic planning, and coordination of the technical aspects before the execution of the modalities of proposed events.

In the event industry, post-event analysis & ensuring an ROI became significant drivers. The management no longer can be unplanned because of the recent growth of events and festivals as a worldwide industry.

Asian Games and other festivals and events have a great impact on their community and sometimes on the whole country. The industry is now included in events of different sizes from as big as the Olympics to as small as a 10-person breakfast meeting.

Many charitable organizations, industries, and interest groups are holding events of size so they could market themselves and build relationships for business as well as to raise money or for celebrations.

Marketing tool

One of the considered tools for communication and strategic marketing is event management for companies of all sizes. From press conferences to product launches, promotional events are created by companies to help in communicating with their clients as well as with potential clients.

They may target audiences by the use of news media in the hopes of generating media coverage that will reach thousands to even millions of audiences. They can invite the audience also to their events so they could reach them at the actual events.


Companies for event management & organizations are servicing a variety of different areas that include corporate events such as press conferences, product launches, corporate meetings as well as conferences, with their marketing programs such as grand opening events and road shows, special corporate events such s award ceremonies, concerts, launch release parties, film premiers, commercial events, fashion shows, personal or private events like weddings & bar mitzvahs.

The event management companies are hired by clients to handle specific services for such events which could maximally include all the elements for technical, creative, and logistics of the events or just its subset as dependent on the needs of the client as well as their budget and expertise.

Event manager

The person that plans & executes the events is the event manager. They and their teams are usually behind the scenes as they run the event. These event managers could also be involved not just in planning and event execution but more in brand building, communication strategy, and marketing.

They are experts at the technical, creative, and logistical elements which is helpful in the success of the event. This includes the AVP, event design, logistics, scriptwriting, negotiation, budgeting, and client service.

Event managing is a multi-dimensional profession. They may be involved with the initial states of an event. If they have responsibilities for budget at the earliest stage, they may also be termed to be the production or event executive.

As an industry

This is a multimillion industry that grows rapidly with events regularly hosted as well as with regular mega shows. As a surprise, no formal research is conducted in assessing the industry’s growth.

This includes the fields like MICE or the Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Events, as well as the conferences, seminars, and exhibitions as well as with sporting events and live music. The side of logistics in the industry is paid less by the sponsorship or sales side though some would say that these two are different industries.


Software companies for event management are providing event planners with a software tool that could handle the different common activities including hotel booking, delegate registration, travel booking, or floor space allocation for exhibits.


More universities are offering a Graduate Degree or Diploma for Event Management most especially in the United Kingdom where they are quick in catching on to new interests and a lot are now offering certificates, degrees, master’s degrees, and diploma coursework.

The EuroCollege University of Professional Education at Rotterdam, Netherlands offers Hospitality and Events Management. NAEMD of the Nest Academy of Event Management and Development in India offers Post Graduate Diploma and Diplomas for Event Management.

The National Institute of Event Management or NIEM as well as EMDI or the Event Management Development Institute & amity University also are offering courses for event management. In addition, many societies and associations provide various courses on the different aspects of this industry.

This includes technical knowledge, organizational skills, P.R., advertising, marketing, logistics, catering, glamour identity, décor, the study of law & licenses, human relations, budgeting, risk management, and allied industry studies for television and other media.

Event Management Courses

Event management courses are now the talk of the town because of their glitz and glamour as well as the style and flamboyance that are associated with the main corporate and social events like birthdays, weddings, conferences, workshops, seminars, launching of products, and many other activities.

With the fashion & film industry dominating, engulfing and evolving our lifestyle not like as before, a rush of fashion and celebrity shows, celebrity promotions, film awards, road shows & more.

The result is inevitable in the demand for management professionals with trained events who could synchronize and orchestrate functions for events. The chief responsibility of event managers is in planning and executing events in a way that won’t leave a negative taste in the mouth when the day ends.


A candidate who wants to get a diploma course for event management must pass the Higher Secondary or a 10+2 course of any discipline first. However, if it’s for a postgraduate diploma in event management, it’s a must that you have a bachelor’s degree in any field first. Students can also get their postgraduate degree from a reputable institution abroad.


A requirement for an event manager is a skill in public relations, leadership qualities, business acumen, marketing, risk management skills, budgeting skills, and uncanny awareness of media and other related fields.

Event managers could enroll in diploma courses for event management & gain mastery over their crafts in planning, conceptualizing, implementation, and in becoming street smarts ready for the industries and emerging markets in a global economy.

Films & serial production houses, tourism, the hotel industry, corporate sectors, BPOs, fashion industries, and newspaper houses are just some of the many sectors that require event managers.

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