Fire Damage Cleanup Tips and Tricks

Fire Damage Cleanup

Fire Damage Cleanup: The damage to property due to fire is the worst kind of damage. However, as a layman, there are various tips and tricks that one could use to minimize the damage to one’s property or belongings as a result of fire damage. These are simple and easy to adopt.

Fire Damage Cleanup Tips and Tricks

The Cleaning Process

Fire damage cleanup is largely a painstaking process. However, you could do this the easy way. All you need to do is scrub the affected surfaces like walls, walks, windows, etc. You also need to give these exterior surfaces a pressure wash and also disinfect them.

Also to be disinfected and washed are interior walls and surfaces. This sort of fire damage cleanup could be accomplished using mild soap or any other appropriate cleaning solutions that are easily available in the market. You should not forget any area in the house when you’re cleaning.

Disinfecting and Deodorizing

Another easy fire damage cleanup tip and trick involve the washing and dusting of all household items, which includes anything and everything. You must not only disinfect items like carpets, mattresses, and all other upholstery with steam but also deodorize them.

Various deodorizing products are easily available at most supermarkets and what these do is mask the prevailing burnt odor. However, when it comes to fire damage cleanup you mustn’t use odor masking sprays.

Cleaning of Ducts

You need to clean up all the ductwork, but this you can only accomplish by hiring professionals. This is because all air conditioning units, ventilating units, and heating units and their ductwork need to be cleaned of fire damage residues like ash, smoke, and soot.

This is a detailed job and requires expertise. Moreover, another fire damage cleanup tip here in is that you need to change the filters of all the aforementioned units at least once a month.

For Firefighting Foam Residue

Many times, you not only have to deal with the residue of the fire damage but also the residue of the firefighting foam that is lying around the house or even on the automobile. Herein, a few Fire damage restoration tips and tricks will come in handy.

One of the first things you must do is scrub and dilute the residue. This should be done using a mild detergent and brushes. After the dilution, you just need to flush the reside using clean water. After this, pressure washing will be beneficial for the overall process of cleaning up.

The Ash and Soot Problem

When it comes to fire damage cleanup, what are you going to do about all the ash and soot that are spread amongst the vegetation surrounding the house? The best thing here would be to use a mechanical air filtration unit that will minimize the smoke odors and airborne particles from getting into the house.

As can be seen, these are not very difficult measures and can be used by just about anybody and everybody.

Final Words

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