Fire Damage Repair? Don’t Make These Mistakes

Fire Damage Repair

When you are faced with a fire in your home, you will be anxious to enter the premises to check the extent of fire damage repair. There is a possibility of excessive smoke and falling debris causing further harm. Ask the fire marshal for an opinion regarding the safety of entering the house before doing so.

Fire Damage Repair


Be aware that though the house is regarded as safe, smoke, soot, and airborne odors will surround you. Do not make As soon as you enter the house, open the ventilation and switch on fans to allow circulation. Check the vents for soot and clean them thoroughly. Avoid switching on electrical apparatus before cleaning the soot that has collected in the machinery.

Before assessing the extent of fire damage repair, save the items that are intact by cleaning them thoroughly and placing them in a dry area. If some items are damaged at the fringe and can be saved, keep them aside.


The impacted items may give you the impression that there is no scope for repair. Do not get overtaken by the sight. A fire is bound to lead to some discoloration and odor that can be rectified with the right use of chemicals and cleaning techniques.

Take the time to evaluate the cost of replacement and that of professional restoring before you make a decision. Fire damage repair may seem expensive but is cheaper than a complete refurbishing of the house. Take the advice of professional restorers in your area to ascertain the items that can be cleaned.

Understand the methods that will be used and the time they will take to deliver the completed product to your home. This will help you identify the items that you can clean yourself.

Save the walls and carpets

The walls are covered with soot and the first thing that you feel you must do is to use soap and water to clean. Avoid this since soot is oil-based and will bleed into the wall causing permanent stains. You should choose non-water-based cleansing agents like paint thinner.

Watch out for the fumes that are emitted during fire damage repair work. You must allow air circulation when doing this type of work. Carpets immediately show the effect of soot and must be cleaned with the use of a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner.

Once the carpet is cleaned it should be isolated to avoid further soiling when other items are being cleared off the soot. Avoid the use of vacuum cleaner attachments since they allow the soot to get into the fiber of the carpet.

Draperies and upholstery

Do not make the mistake of expecting a wash to clean household cloth material. First, the material must be deodorized to remove the possibility of lingering smoke odors that will continue to affect the air of the house. Second, the material must be cleaned after soaking in detergent water for a minimum of 8 hours. If the material cannot be washed and laundered in the house, take professional to control fire damage repair.

Final Words

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