How to Get into Harvard Business School in 2022

how to get into harvard business school

How to get into Harvard business school: All of us aim to become something g in our life. Some of us wish to be doctors, while some engineers. Some aspire to become renowned writers while some aspire to become excellent businessmen. To become this ‘something’ it is very necessary to impart the education that is demanded by the field.

Just as all of us have in our mind what we intend to become, some of us also have some dream to join a particular school/institution to pursue a certain course. For people aspiring to become businessmen/women, Harvard Business School is one such place.

How to Get into Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School is one of the most prestigious and well-reputed Universities in America. Harvard Business School is an exceptional option for those interested in Business and to get a job in this area of interest. This esteemed entity will help you to stand out from other applicants; it will offer you many opportunities in your careers like a higher salary and many job options with great advancement.

With these advantages, Harvard Business School remains one of the hardest business schools to get into. Below are some useful tips and pointers which can help you to get into Harvard Business School.

Business Program Results

The first thing you have to know is that getting into Harvard Business School does not necessarily mean that you need a Harvard undergrad degree. It does not matter from what school you received your undergrad degree, but the important thing is to have exceptional results in business.

You would certainly have more chances to get in if you have a good GPA, if you were part of some business programs and clubs or if you have an internship


Another key element required for Harvard Business School is to have measurable skills. For example, all Harvard Business School students need to have communication, leadership, and financial skills. Present your skills in internships, coursework, or whatever experience you have in the business field.

You can also highlight some important transferable skills that you have gained from other jobs and positions you held. Demonstrate their application in the business field. Also, try to emphasize the skills that you have gained and the ones that apply to the business field. By doing so, you will certainly have more chances to get into Harvard Business School than other applicants.

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Experience And Achievements

If you have participated in clubs where you have experienced an interactive type of learning, you should describe the achievements and the skills you have gained. Describe your exact participation in the clubs and how much you have been involved in the club’s activities.

This is an important thing that you have to highlight because Harvard Business School is based on a debate and open-discussion type of learning. This type of learning helps students to learn interactively and helps them to stimulate their intellectual growth.

Get involved

Get involved in the Harvard Business School communities. Talk with people who are involved, with students, professors, and administrators. By doing this, you will show an intense passion and dedication for the school, and you will become a more likely candidate for their business programs.

The involvement in the Harvard Business School communities means that you have to know what new learning centers they have, what is the current coursework, to know about professors and their learning methods, to know about events and clubs, etc.


Everyone knows that Harvard Business School is one of the most prestigious Universities in the business domain. So, if you want to be one of the best in your domain, you need to choose the best education entity. Remember that it is not necessary to have a Harvard undergrad degree, but you need a good GPA and experience in many activities of the business field.

Highlight whatever measurable skills you have and achievements that you have gained through interactive learning. Last, but not least get involved in the Harvard Business School community. By following these steps you will surely increase your chances of getting into Harvard Business School.

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