Earn Cash through Online Advertising

Online Advertising

Earning Through Online Advertising: In the Previous Topic, We Discussed how can we make money with the Affiliation program, such as with amazon.com, clickbank, etc. Today I am going to show you how we can make significantly handsome cash with an advertising program. As it is said you do not necessarily need to make big achievements to earn big bucks, all you need is some right action at right time. And that is what I call attraction.

I mean posting write things that would people currently focus on, like the article, news, market trend, gadget reviews, health-related articles, current city/ country happening, etc.

Online Advertising

Online advertising has three steps of working. Provided you have a website or a blog with at least a few postings to attract customers.

1} Pay per click- Advertisers pay for the Number of clicks on their ads from your blog/Site.

2} Pay-per-impression– The advertiser pays for the number of times the ad appears on your website/blog.

3} Pay-per-action– Advertisers pay for the number of transaction that occurs from the user who has clicked on the ad from your website.

Google Adsense

There are various online ad programs available, and the most popular among all is google Adsense, well there are various online ad programs available. Start with providing Rich content for your website that will attract customers’ interest, and therefore increase traffic. Slowly becoming a professional blogger, can be good for everyone looking for either part-time or full-time income.

Work at home and earn. Later you can add advertisements for larger brands, which will help you earn more. But before that increase the traffic of your blog or website, you can do that by doing some SEO of your site, improving content and posting on your site/blog, posting something which might interest a large group of people or which target a community as a whole, post new and upcoming gadget reviews, trend market discount, education and result in related news.

Instead of making a website with static content, make it a blog so that it can feature content, reviews, and remarks. Another program like Adsense is Chitika serve ads, Adbrite, bid advertiser, etc. The shortest way to earn with very negligible expenditure.

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If you already have a computer and an internet connection then you will only need a website. Apart from this, You can also feature direct advertising by reserving a space on your webpage or blog and attracting customers directly to give their ad on your site, but for this, you need to have significant regular traffic, which can convince the advertisers that putting the ad on your site will prove to be profitable. so you can start from advertising programs and gradually move on to direct advertisement.

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