Prayer Times NYC (New York City, USA) Guide

Prayer Times NYC

Are you searching for the Muslim prayer Times NYC (New York City, USA)? If yes then you don’t need to search around here and there because right through this web page we will be giving the readers complete updates about the NYC prayer times.

There are so many Muslims who are residing in NYC (New York City, USA) or there might be some Muslims who have just newly become the residents of this place. Prayer is one of the necessary things in the life of the Muslims, and they make sure that when they are residing in an international country they pray 5 times a day for the soul and mind satisfaction. Therefore, through this web page, we will be giving out the complete details of the Muslim prayer times nyc queens.

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By signing into this webpage you will be free to check out the complete schedule of the prayer times of New York City. Plus we will be adding the webpage with some latest updates about the coming Ramadan month as well. In this way, we will be providing you with everything which you want to know about prayer times. Check out the prayer Times NYC webpage right now!

Famous Conventions Methods

Method AbbrivationDescriptionRegion Used
MWLMuslim World LeagueEurope, Far East, Parts of US
ISNAIslamic Society of North AmericaNorth America (US and Canada)
EgyptEgyptian General Authority of SurveyAfrica, Syria, Lebanon, Malaysia
MakkahUmm al-Qura University, MakkahArabian Peninsula
KarachiUniversity of Islamic Sciences, KarachiPakistan, Afganistan, Bangladesh, India
TehranInstitute of Geophysics, University of TehranIran, Some Shia communities
JafariShia Ithna Ashari (Ja`fari)Some Shia communities worldwide

Prayer Times NYC is following ISNA Method because it is situated in the USA region. You can change this method according to your region.

Prayer Times NYC Calculation

Time Zone: UTC/GMT -5 hours
Country: United States
City: New York City

Daylight Saving Time (DST): +1 hour
DST Starts: Between 12th March → 5th November
Geographic Coordinates Of New York City, USA
Latitude: 40.7127° N
Longitude: 74.0059° W

Coordinates Of New York City in Decimal Degrees
Latitude: 40.7141667
Longitude: -74.0063889

Muslim Prayer Times NYC Schedule

Prayer Times NYC

November Prayer Times NYC

15:10 am6:27 am11:40 am2:28 pm4:52 pm6:09 pm
25:11 am6:28 am11:40 am2:27 pm4:51 pm6:08 pm
35:12 am6:29 am11:40 am2:27 pm4:50 pm6:07 pm
45:13 am6:30 am11:40 am2:26 pm4:48 pm6:06 pm
55:14 am6:31 am11:40 am2:25 pm4:47 pm6:05 pm
65:15 am6:33 am11:40 am2:24 pm4:46 pm6:04 pm
75:16 am6:34 am11:40 am2:23 pm4:45 pm6:03 pm
85:17 am6:35 am11:40 am2:22 pm4:44 pm6:02 pm
95:18 am6:36 am11:40 am2:21 pm4:43 pm6:01 pm
105:19 am6:37 am11:40 am2:21 pm4:42 pm6:00 pm
115:20 am6:38 am11:40 am2:20 pm4:41 pm5:59 pm
125:21 am6:40 am11:40 am2:19 pm4:40 pm5:59 pm
135:22 am6:41 am11:40 am2:18 pm4:39 pm5:58 pm
145:23 am6:42 am11:41 am2:18 pm4:39 pm5:57 pm
155:24 am6:43 am11:41 am2:17 pm4:38 pm5:57 pm
165:25 am6:44 am11:41 am2:16 pm4:37 pm5:56 pm
175:26 am6:45 am11:41 am2:16 pm4:36 pm5:55 pm
185:27 am6:47 am11:41 am2:15 pm4:35 pm5:55 pm
195:28 am6:48 am11:42 am2:15 pm4:35 pm5:54 pm
205:29 am6:49 am11:42 am2:14 pm4:34 pm5:54 pm
215:30 am6:50 am11:42 am2:14 pm4:33 pm5:53 pm
225:31 am6:51 am11:42 am2:13 pm4:33 pm5:53 pm
235:32 am6:52 am11:43 am2:13 pm4:32 pm5:52 pm
245:33 am6:53 am11:43 am2:13 pm4:32 pm5:52 pm
255:34 am6:55 am11:43 am2:12 pm4:31 pm5:52 pm
265:35 am6:56 am11:43 am2:12 pm4:31 pm5:51 pm
275:36 am6:57 am11:44 am2:12 pm4:30 pm5:51 pm
285:37 am6:58 am11:44 am2:11 pm4:30 pm5:51 pm
295:38 am6:59 am11:44 am2:11 pm4:30 pm5:51 pm
305:39 am7:00 am11:45 am2:11 pm4:29 pm5:50 pm

Prayer Times NYC Asr Methods

Standard: Shafii, Maliki, Jafari, and Hanbali (shadow factor = 1)

Hanafi: Hanafi school of thought (shadow factor = 2)

New York, USA Qiblah Direction: 58.535561 degrees from North clockwise.

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