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Singapore resume template

You can either follow a resume template or you can just use it by adding your information to the Singapore resume template. After adding your personal information to the Singapore resume template you can now edit that resume template according to your academic qualifications and professional experiences. Fill in all the necessary information about yourself so that it can represent your skill and abilities in the best possible manner.

Types of Resumes Commonly Used in Singapore

When you begin to write your resume, you may find that there are some choices to make. The first choice to make is the type of resume you want to create. While there are a variety of styles or types of CV, you can generally choose from one of the following three, depending upon your field and your background.

  • Chronological
  • Functional
  • Combination


The Chronological Resume is the most common type of resume. The chronological resume lists your work history according to dates It focuses on work experience with the most recent first. With this type of resume, you will describe your most recent job first and will then work backward, describing each prior job that you have held.

It is commonly used for candidates and applicants from the following background:

  • You have been in the same field for a while, and your experience shows your progress
  • You have few gaps in employment and can demonstrate your loyalty and work ethic


The functional CV focuses on a candidate’s skills than on his or her job history. The skills are usually grouped and categorized to highlight the applicant’s specific strengths and experiences.

It is commonly used in the following situations:

  • You are trying to make a career change from your previous job.
  • Trying to break into a new field, including ex-military personnel who are starting new careers
  • You have been out of the workforce for an extended period


As the name implies, this type of Resume combines aspects of both the chronological and the functional approaches. It combines the skills that are the focus of the functional CV with the timeline work history of the chronological Resume.

This Singapore Resume Template provides you guidance for drafting a perfect resume. A sample resume for jobs is enclosed here to provide you with a brief idea of the format and writing styles. It gives you a brief idea for writing an ideal CV.

Singapore resume template


3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Singapore Resume Template

1) The One Page or Two Page Resume Rule – Don’t spend too much effort working to make your resume one page. Some candidates go to extraordinary lengths, such as fonts that are so small that even ants cannot read them.

If you have significant experience to write about, just do it but make sure it is RELEVANT! If you need to go on to a new page, make sure you take up at least half of a new page.

2) Watch your fonts, formatting, and layout. Remember that the employer and recruiter could be reading your resume on a variety of devices – PC, Tablets, IPads, Smart Phones, and maybe even on good old-fashioned paper. Different devices and programs will display the font and formatting in different ways. It might come across as cluttered and messy. Stick to Arial or Times New Roman and keep formatting to a minimum.

3) Save your resume with your names such as ChrisLee instead of resume1 or my resume. This will help the employers or recruiters retrieve and remember your Singapore Resume easily.

Final Words

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