How to make a computer science resume

How to make a computer science resume

If you’re creating a Computer Science Resume for the first time it’s always helpful to know if you’re heading in the right direction. When asking for advice you’ve probably heard people say that your resume should look “professional” but what does this mean?

In my opinion, creating a “Professional” document means the following things:

  • Clean Presentation
  • No errors
  • A powerful front page
  • Clear sections
  • No more than 4 pages

How to make a computer science resume

Let’s look at each one in more detail to see what a professional Computer Science Resume “should” look like!

Clean Presentation

Ideally, your resume should be written in a word processor using a standard font such as Arial, font size 12. Your resume should be printed and presented in A4 format. There is some argument over the use of color, just keep in mind that unless you’re a designer keep the use of color to a minimum.

No errors

Your resume is your “sales” pitch and should be free from errors. Like all professional documents arrange to have at least 2 people review your resume before submitting it. Pay particular attention to place and people names.

A powerful front page

Don’t make a recruiter read through your resume to see “the good stuff”. This is hard work for a recruiter, and if they have many to look at, they may not even bother. Display your big-ticket career achievements on the first page of your resume. I even increase the font size slightly to draw their attention.

Clear sections

Don’t let the text on your resume run all over the place. Break your resume up into sections and use section headers. This is a good time to use a small amount of color. Create a small box and place your heading text into it.

No more than 4 pages

For some, it might seem impossible to compress your career into 4 pages, for others it might be a complete struggle. While more pages provide additional “supporting” material, recruiters are more interested in what jobs you’ve recently performed.

Old Style Templates

Don’t use a template that looks like it came from a 90s typewriter. Most word processors have resume templates. Recruiters know these templates well. Make sure you don’t follow this template verbatim.

Marketing Your Resume

Your resume must send the right message. Some resumes don’t market skills the right way. If you’re not sure checkout Best Resume For Computer Science Student Fresher.

Final Words

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