Importance of Curriculum Vitae Format

Curriculum Vitae Format

If you are looking for the right Curriculum Vitae Format that should be kept in mind while putting together a CV, then trust me you have come to the right place as this article will focus on all the points that should be kept in mind while putting together a right curriculum vitae format.

Most people around the world take it quite light when it comes to putting together a perfect curriculum vitae format but let me tell you one thing this is not the case. CVs are used for getting an overview of the candidate before they call him for an interview. The latest research shows that CVs are also used by psychologists to determine what type of a candidate is, whether he or she is suitable for the job position or not, etc.

The expression of the candidate also shows the type of personality that a candidate possesses (this is critical for a candidate who has to work under stress and who has to take decisions in a limited time frame). You can also download European Resume Format.

Curriculum Vitae Format


Curriculum Vitae Format Guidelines

The following points portray the format in which a CV must be put together.

1. Start your CV format by writing the name, personal address, contact information, and mailing address. Although it may seem quite obvious, people often leave them out thinking that it is unimportant.

2. A good curriculum vitae format does not exceed two pages so, always remember to be precise and use good English.

3. Mention the skills that you have. Focus more on the ones that are best suited for the job.

4. The next heading should be the job experience. Mention the past experiences of the jobs that you have done. Also, try to put in the designations and if possible, a web link in the job experience section so that the employer can view your full profile and the projects you have accomplished.

5. Write some sentences about your pre-school and high school education. Also, mention hobbies and personal interests.

Now that your curriculum vitae format is finally completed, the next big step is to compose a convincing cover letter that would ‘’make the employer want to interview you’’. Remember to keep the cover letter as short as possible but it should mention the key skills that you possess for the current job position.

Happy job hunting!

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