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Swim Coach Resume

Swim Coach Resume: A swimming coach is a person who teaches people how to swim and helps students become better at this sport. He or she must supervise students and keep watch over them. He must also be in contact with the parents of minors.

Swim Coach Job Description

The instructor should also take care that the equipment used in the pool is undamaged.
Major responsibilities of a swimming coach include knowing the physical and mental state of each of his students, knowing their strong and weak points, correcting bad behavior or attitude, and achieving maximum potential and experience. Furthermore, he must approach coaching sessions with professionalism while preparing and planning the lessons.

How to Write Swim Coach Resume

When composing a swim coach resume, be sure to include previous work experience, duties, and responsibilities, qualities, and skills that you think fit this job. While writing any resume, you must refrain from using any kind of false information. Some qualities that will be profitable to mention would be physically fit, responsible, having good character. It will be beneficial for you to have recommendation letters from your previous employers or someone prominent.

Your resume should be divided into seven parts: personal information, career objective, educational qualification, work experience, skills, duties, and responsibilities in previous work, references.
While composing Swim Coach Resume, do not forget to keep into account certain resume writing tips like using active voice and action words, using bullet points, not extending the resume length to more than one page, and proofreading two or three times.

Write about the most recent information first. Avoid using negative writing and mention results instead of responsibilities. Construct the written part on the page properly. Make your resume look neat and clean. It should be free of grammatical, typographical errors, and spelling mistakes. Avoid using slang language and adding fancy design details.

Do not use cliched words like hardworking and honest because such words irritate the recruiter who has been reading resumes for a long time.

Keep the resume simple, short, and to the point. Before starting to write your resume, check a few samples and resume templates and formats to gain an idea of how to construct a good resume.

Swim Coach Resume Sample

Personal Details

E-mail address:
Phone Number:
Date of Birth:
Marital Status:
Driver’s License:


Looking for a Swim Coach position in a club where I can use my experience to help others learn this exercise.

Qualities and Skills

  • Hardworking
  • Organized
  • Determined
  • Very Energetic
  • Enthusiastic
  • Appreciative
  • Good communication skills both oral and written
  • Excellent teaching skills
  • Certified level 1 USA swimming
  • Member of American Swimming Coaches Association
  • Specialization in strength training and post-season conditioning
  • Set up an itinerary, tours, meets, travel arrangements with recruiters

Work Experience

  • Coach, East High School, New Orleans, LA, June 20XX • August 20XX
  • Swimming Coach at Totally Immersed Swimming, New Jersey, September 20XX • Present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Making and maintaining coach session schedule
  • Providing professional coaching sessions
  • Building character and confidence in the players
  • Always be in contact with parents
  • Supervising the student’s exercises


  • Master’s Degree in Physical Education at New York University
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education at New York University

Areas of interest

  • Swimming
  • Coaching
  • Swimming Championships
  • Administrative


Adrianna Tate Duncan, Principal at East High School, New Jersey.


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