How to write job application cover letter

job application cover letter

A job application cover letter is a formal document that is written by a job applicant in the case where he/she wishes to apply for a job. These job application cover letters must be framed with precision and must be carefully drafted as they are of huge importance for the candidate’s career or future.

Any cover letter written to apply for a job is a document that is like a brief of a resume and must consist of the details of the skills and qualifications of the candidate.

Job application cover letters are used to inform the recruiter of the qualities of the candidate in a formal manner so that the recruiter can decide whether or not the candidate is suitable for the given job position. Framing a balanced and impressive job application cover letter may not be an easy task.

It involves putting across your skills in such a manner that the recruiter is completely convinced. If you are confused about how to write a job application cover letter, then please refer to the following points:

Job Application Cover Letter

  • The letter must start with the name, position, and address of the receiver on the top left corner followed by a formal salutation.
  • The next part is writing the subject which must include the exact title of the job position to which the candidate is applying through the cover letter.
  • Next follows the body of the letter which must start with a brief greeting and a precise and short introduction about the candidate’s background.
  • The main part of the body is the second paragraph which must have the details of the educational qualifications and skills possessed by the candidate.
  • The last paragraph must mention the professional work experience details of the candidate followed by a line or two of ‘thank you’ lines.
  • Sign off the letter by writing the name and signature of the candidate.

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