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3D Designer Resume

This 3D Designer Resume guides you on how to write the best resume to get the best job in this field. This 3D Designer Resume covers job description and objective tips which will guarantee you for your dream job as Fresher. This resume for lecturer fresher will help you to get your job.

Remember that your name should always be on the top of the front page of the 3D Designer Resume. Do not use stylistic font to make it more prominent. Write it simple. The position does not matter much. You can place the name at the center or at the extreme left corner of the front page. The contact details should include details such as your name, your residential address, contact number and email-id. You can also download Fresher Graphic Designer Resume.

3D Designer Job Description

A 3D designer is a person who develops and creates animations or effects for websites. They also design for different online gaming firms. A 3D designer has to be well updated with the new tool, as there is a continuous advancement towards making these into finer versions. Sample 3D Designer resume will help you to find the best job available in the field.

3D Designer Resume

3D Designer Resume Sample

Your Name

Mobile no:  

Career Objective:

Seeking a position as a 3D designer in a firm wherein my strong skills of visual creativity and designing can be used in my personal growth as well as of the firm.


  • Good knowledge of acting and voicing of animations
  • Ability to visualize the 3D object to be made
  • Good sense and knowledge of colors, their composition, and effects
  • Good knowledge of new designing tools
  • Excellent communication skills and comfortable with relocating if a job role requires

Qualities and Skills:

  • Knowledge of 3D Animation Tools such as 3D Studio Max, MAYA Unlimited 2019, Zbrush 3
  • Extensive Knowledge of texturing, rigging, lighting & rendering, and character animation with MAYA
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, XHTML

Educational Qualifications::

  • Completed Diploma in 3D Designing from 3D training Institute,
  • Completed 1year 3D Program from New York Film Academy
  • Bachelors Degree in Science from Central Michigan University


Designation: 3D Designer
Organization: Virtual Animations Inc,


  • Responsible for creating and preparing the 3D models for animations
  • Responsible for character animations and motion building
  • Providing special Effects to the animations
  • Making the layout for the module rendering
  • Estimating the time required for the module and technical detailing
  • Talking to the client directly about several requirements of the project

Areas of interest:

  • To use my creative skills for doing character animations and motions in gaming
  • To throw in my best innovatory powers for the growth of the organization

Personal Details:

Date of Birth:
Marital Status:
Languages known:
Permanent Address: 


I hereby declare that the information provided above is true as per knowledge.



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