Best 12th Pass Jobs For Freshers

12th Pass Jobs

When choosing a career one has to consider many factors like education, training, salary, or interest. Many students usually start jobs after finishing 12th class. First of all 12th pass jobs are for those who have minimal or no hands-on experience in the field to which they are applying for a job. The applicants for 12th pass jobs are usually recent school grads, who spent most of their time concentrating on education as a foundation for their professional experience.

These 12th pass jobs do not offer them many responsibilities, a higher salary or are not that exciting. Today, many 12th pass jobs offer more opportunities than others. There are 12th pass jobs that offer the employee a better position, a better paycheck, and more tasks and responsibilities. Here are some 12th pass jobs that offer the employee the possibility to advance fast.

Data Entry Operator 12th Pass Jobs

Data Entry Operator is considered to be one of the greatest 12th pass jobs. This is a very good technical job that the applicant can consider. This 12th pass job, as well as many other IT jobs, means making up for the education that one did not receive with the field experience. Applicants who start as Data Entry operators can choose their specialty in IT and could easily become senior IT professionals. A Data Entry Operator has an annual salary of approximately 12k INR. You can also read Data Entry Job Description, Resume and Interview Tips.

Customer Service Representative Jobs

BPO is another 12th pass job position with great advancement. The responsibilities of customer service representatives refer to communicating with customers by telephone or in-person. They answer the customer’s questions, open or close accounts, handle and resolve customer complaints.

They also speak with customers and recommend various solutions to the problems of their accounts; transfer complaints to other departments for investigation, or provide information on new products and services.
Customer service representatives determine costs for various services; they acquire and ordinate billing details, and they research and analyze the validity of complaints. Customer Service Representative can earn up to 12K INR. Also Download Customer Service Resume format for your dream job.

Primary School Teacher

Teaching is based especially on training and education. Its provides the basic need of human beings and a combination of teaching and learning specific skills. Teaching is the action of a live and real-live instructor designed to impart learning to the students and teaching is a broad concept.

Teaching refers to preparing learners with knowledge and abilities with specific skills applied immediately upon completion. Teacher facilitating towards learning to achieve goals. The teacher is the person who works as a teaching faculty in a high school.

The main duties of the person include teaching the assigned subject, developing teaching material for the same, arranging practical and projects work related to the subject, etc. Primary School teachers can have an average salary of 15K INR. Also download Fresher Teacher Resume Format Download for your dream job.

Delivery Boy

In today’s internet age, many people order many things online from the mobile phone sitting at home, which they get within a few minutes to a few days. In many options of online shopping and bill payment sitting at home, people are booking many things online from food to clothes and from mobile to laptop.

But here it is necessary to know how the goods booked online reach you. The person who delivers these goods to your home is called Delivery Boy. Delivery Boy picks up the goods booked by you from the respective company’s warehouse/shop and delivers them to your home. Delivery Boy can have an average salary of 20K INR.

12th Pass Government Jobs

After passing 12th, you will also get thousands of different types of government jobs, but for this you will have to work very hard and it also takes a lot of time. It takes years to prepare for government jobs.

These are some jobs and industries which offer 12th pass jobs with great advancement. As seen above these positions allow the student to rapidly evolve on the employment market and to get a higher salary.

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