Best Helmet In India | Buying Guide To Choose The Right ISI Helmet

Best Helmet In India

Best Helmet In India : Hello friends, helmets are very important for driving two-wheeler vehicles. If you do not wear a helmet, then it can cause you two losses. First can be your challan, if there is an accident due to some reason, then it can also kill you Or there may be too much deep injury on our mind. 

But in India, people use helmets to save money at their place of safety so that their traffic is not challan by the police. They are not afraid of an accident. Indian people just put on helmets to avoid challan. Such is the thinking of us Indians.

The helmet of some people is so weak that if an accident happens, that helmet cannot keep us safe enough. Whether or not to install such helmets on the head is the same thing.

How to buy a good quality helmet

Many people in India know that helmet on the side of the road is going to be-sold. Buy a helmet from the roadside and use that helmet, but this is our biggest mistake. Never buy helmets from those selling helmets around the road.

Always buy ISI mark Helmets

ISI mark Helmet

When we purchase a new bike or scooter, then there is also the idea of taking a new helmet in our mind. Friends, when taking a helmet you should always buy a helmet with the ISI mark. You can see the ISI mark of the helmet as the front or back of the helmets. Helmets with ISI mark are made at very good levels, so safety is good inside them. Always remember that you do not have to buy a helmet by looking at the beauty or design of the helmet. You have to pay attention to the safety of the helmet and not the beauty.

Check Weight of helmets

Friends, According to BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), the weight of the helmet is 1.2 kg to 700 kg. It is right for you but if it is less than 700 grams or more than 1.2 kg, then you should not buy such helmets.

• If the weight is high then the disadvantage of this is that whenever you travel long, you can get a heavy helmet in your neck.

• Helmets with less than 700 grams weight cannot keep your head safe. Changs are very high for their early break-up.

Check helmet strap and buckle quality

While buying the helmet, you have to check its strap and buckle properly. Lock the buckle of the helmet and pull it, see if the lock of the buckle does not open when pulled Or if the stitching of the straps does not open, then the quality of that helmet is good. Helmets with the ISI mark are tested by pulling with a strength of 200 kg. This shows that the quality of the helmets with this mark is good.

Best Helmet In India

Always check helmet visor quality is good or not

The visor of the helmet should be of good fiber. When you buy a helmet, try to rub the visor with your fingernail if marks on Visor are made then do not buy it at all. Do not buy plastic visor helmets too because their quality deteriorates with time and nothing is visible in it.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS)

There is a layer of polystyrene inside the helmet that is called expanded polystyrene. It is important to have a good quality of expanded polystyrene in the helmet. To check its quality, you must press your thumb firmly against the helmet. If there is a hole in the helmet, do not buy it. If the polystyrene becomes the same on pressing the helmet, then its quality is good, you can buy that helmet.

Types of Helmets

Half helmet – this kind of helmets are best used by the ladies to drive the scooter because such a helmet can be kept in scooter Diggy. 

Half helmet

Open Face Helmet – this kind of helmets cover the head, ears, and half face. The half face is covered with a visor but the chances of getting face injury from such helmets are high.

Open Face Helmet

Full Face Helmet – Such helmets cover your entire face Head, face, everything gets covered. Full face helmets are considered to be the safest and, the air coming from the front while driving the motorcycle is also not applied on the face.

Full Face Helmet

Modular or Flip-up Helmets –  This type of helmet comes between full face and half face helmets. You can also cover your full face with this or if you want, you can cover half face by using the front part of it.

Flip-up Helmets

Motocross helmet – Such helmets are also called dirt bikes or MX helmets. Such helmets are used in mud and sandy areas. In motocross helmets, the soil does not penetrate. You may have seen such helmets in dirt bike racing.

Motocross helmets

Things that you should know when you buy a helmet

  • Always buy branded helmets
  • Check ISI mark
  • Never buy cheap helmets, helmets costs start from 600 INR
  • Check helmet strap and buckle quality
  • Check helmet ventilation

Best Helmet Brands In India

  • Vega Helmet
  • Steelbird Helmet
  • studds Helmet
  • LS2 Helmet
  • THH Helmet
  • Wrangler Helmet
  • Royal Enfield Helmet
  • Aerostar Helmet
  • HJC Helmet
  • SHOEI Helmet

Best Helmet In India

When you buy a good helmet, its price is also a little bit expensive. Keeping in mind all the topics given above, we have collected for you the details of the best helmets in India, which we will support with you. 

Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet

  • Leather finish touch; Weight:1100±50 gms
  • Off-road look; Shell: High Impact ABS Material Shell; Aerodynamic Shape; Visor: Scratch resistant & UV resistant. Visor in optical polycarbonate
  • Easy fitting visor with good ventilation
  • Use a press button for smooth function of flip-up action
  • All helmets feel tight at first to meet safety requirements and, foam takes time to adjust according to head size.

Steelbird SB-50 Adonis Dashing Black with Plain Visor

  • Quick-release chinstrap mechanism for ease of operation and safety. Size: Large; Head Circumference: 60cm
  • High-quality UV resistant Polyurethane paints used for aesthetic enhancement; Shell Material-Hi Impact-ABS; Helmet Full Face; Polycarbonate Visor With Hard Coated
  • Dynamic ventilation system for increased airflow providing more comfort to the rider while driving
  • Outer shell injected from special high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic
  • Regulated density EPS concussion padding lined with specially treated anti-allergic velveteen
  • All helmets feel tight at first to meet safety requirements and, foam takes time to adjust according to head size.

Studds Ninja Pastel Full Face Helmet

  • SI approved helmet
  • Available in XL (600 millimeters) size
  • Outer shell injected from special high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic
  • The optically true injected polycarbonate visor duly silicon hard coat provides scratch resistance properties
  • Regulated density EPS concussion padding lined with specially treated anti-allergic velveteen

Must Read –

Which helmet brand is best in India?

If you wanna use Helmet just with in City ..Then Vega, Steelbird, Studds these Helmets will do. If you wanna do some weekend rides or touring with a much safer helmet then you can go for ECE certification Like LS2, SMK, MT. IF you have good budget and want more safer helmet then SOL, HJC, AGV, Shoei, Scorpion, Shark Helmet will do.

Which brand of helmets in India is best for long rides?

SOL, HJC, AGV, Shoei, Scorpion, Shark Helmet. These brands of helmets are best for long rides.

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