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“Sports does not build character. It reveals it.” A saying by John wooden.

Have you ever wondered what your life would be without sports? How fit and healthy your body would be?

Sport is one of the necessary parts of our lifestyles. It includes all the forms of physical activities and games to maintain or improve physical ability along with skills and stamina. It provides a feeling of enjoyment to the participants and spectators both.

Sports not only make you fit and healthy physically, but it also encourages you to live a positive and joyful life. It brings tremendous and fascinating changes in one’s life. Sports can be either be individually or in teams depending on the games that are to be played. In racing, the player plays individually each one exceeding the other one whereas football needs to be played in team with no single winner.

Description of sports management

Sports Management is a magnetic field for the people interested in both sports and business.

Mainly, sports management is the field of business, including sports and recreation. It is the field for sports lovers. This field is vast; therefore, sports managers are found working for professional sports teams, sports marketing firms, recreational departments in colleges and Universities.  They are also found working as event managers, economist, facility managers, financial and information experts. They can work behind the system or in front office system as Coaches and Empires.

NASM is the sports management academy to produce highly efficient individuals in the sports management field. It mainly focuses on creating professional, ethical and academical sports managers. It is the first Indian Institute to merge with universities, colleges and institutes to offer best Sports Management Courses.

The main assets of the sports manager are energy, motivation, sportsman spirit, leadership quality and teamwork.

Sports Management courses

Many degrees are offered at colleges for sports management. Degree in business management and sports medicine opens various fields. Masters in sports management may provide a way for the candidates in the competitive field of athlete or team representation. Cross-training increases the credibility of sports manager that helps to gain experienced information in facility management and financial management.

Some other courses NASM Academy of sports management offers are listed below

  • UG Diploma in sports management
  • PG Diploma in sports management
  • MS (Masters) degree in sports management
  • Bachelors degree

Diploma course in sports management is of 11-month duration with the introduction of today’s sports arena of India. You can enhance your passion through this course by changing your love into a profession.

Luckily, this course is a foundation course for graduation pursuing students, those who want to look forward in sports management.

NASM Sports Management Institute believes in practical experience for more in-depth understanding of theoretical learning. It provides a vast field for marketing, advertising and public relations, finance, law etc.

Learning by working method enables the students to enhance technical and intellectual abilities along with confidence.

Post-graduation diploma in sports management is of 11 months duration. It enables the students to fast track their professional to make their mark in the sports field. It is an ideal course with proper and adequate designed curriculum to train and make the person prepared for higher levels of sports management challenges. This course enhances the individual to learn through practical and theoretical experience.

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Master’s degree in sports management

Master’s degree in sports management provides with interdisciplinary business skills required to compete in today’s era. It covers sports organization management, research methods, sports and media marketing consisting of both theoretical and practical work. Once you complete athletic director course and you see yourself efficient enough to run athletic programs in schools and colleges, then look forward to MS in sports management with Graduation certificate of Athletic administration. In this, you will learn the workforce with confidence, consistent labor relations, public policy, media relations, organizational designs and marketing relations. This program provides you with internship course work.

Bachelor of management studies

BMS (Bachelor of management studies in sports management) is three years duration with eligibility of 10 + 2 of any stream. It is the course specially designed for new ones in the sports industry. This course offers a comprehensive study of the responsibilities of the sports profession in today’s century.

Bachelor course enables the individual with strong fundamental knowledge by applying theoretical and principle aspect and practices of business in sports management.

Practical training, internships and placements

NASM Sports Management Institute provides a broad platform for engaging students in various events- national, International or local. Academy focuses on giving Mega event example- ICC World Cup Cricket, Indian Premier League, TATA Mumbai Marathon, Hockey Indian League, Devils circuit, IPL Mumbai Indians, Sports for all Championship, juniorthon, Pinkathon, Neon Run, Champions tennis league, Pro Kabaddi League and many more.

NASM Sports Management Institute provide pursue corporate internship along with NGO internship for a 3-year degree program. There are placements also available at a NASM. Placement team offers the students an interview with top competitive employees with full-time job availability. There are several places where NASM have securely given internships and placements. Some of them are Oscar Foundation, Quiddo Sports, Square of Sports, KOOH sports, Sports for all, Sportz interactive, Go sports Foundation, Sports Reconnect, Mumbai city FC, Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh, P3 Sports, Bayside Sports and many more.

Sports management courses provide an extensive career choice for those who are keenly interested in sports management, community engagement and public relations. These jobs are for challenging and chance-taking people with enjoyable careers. It provides a diverse field with good salaries. Once you settle in it, it will be profitable and stable for you. In the coming years, the sports industry is expected to grow continuously.

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