Form 15G Download In Word Format

Form 15G Download In Word Format

Form 15G Download In Word Format : Do you know what is Form 15C and Form 15H? In this article, we will learn about Form 15C and Form 15H. Friends, when we make a fixed deposit in the bank, then the interest received on the fixed deposit is above 10,000, then the bank deducts TDS on it. In this situation, we fill Form 15C so that the bank does not deduct TDS. Before filling such form, we should get information about it.

About Form 15G

All those people who do not fall in the category of Senior Citizen or Super Senior Citizen and those whose taxable income is up to 2.5 lakhs, they have to file Form 15G. In this, the bank makes a declaration that you do not come under the category of paying tax.

When you fill this form, then the bank assumes that your income is less than 2.5 lakhs and banks cannot deduct TDS on the interest received from the fund.

Form 15G Download In Word Format

Form 15G Download In Word Format


About Form 15H

Form 15H is for senior and super senior citizens. The tax free income of senior citizens is 3 lakhs and the tax free income of super senior citizens is 5 lakhs. In Form 15H, it is declared that when the income of a senior citizen is less than 3 lakhs or the income of a super citizen is less than 5 lakhs then the bank cannot deduct TDS on fund interest.


Fill these forms only when you fall in the tax free income category because when you fill these forms, then the Income Tax Department assumes that you have filed these forms to avoid tax. . Before filing Form 15G, understand the terms and conditions of the form thoroughly and then fill the form.

Final Words

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