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Java Developer Resume

Java Developer Resume : A Java Developer is responsible for the following things.

  • Generating material for the training programs and providing updated knowledge to the candidates
  • Providing the best practices to the candidates and analyzing the training program
  • Clarifying doubts of the candidates and evaluating the performance of the candidates.

Java Developer Resume Sample


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Career Objective: Seeking the position of a Java Developer in an organization wherein I can use my training skills and technical qualities for the betterment of the organization.

Core competence

  • Excellent leadership quality and ability to train the Java Technician
  • Excellent communication and writing skills as well as an ability to prepare training programs for the Java Technician
  • Extensive knowledge of various software and hardware programs as well as problem-solving skills
  • Ability to motivate the Java Technicians and ability to interpret needs of the programs
  • Ability to research and analyze the training programs to the candidates as well as an ability to comprehend written instructions
  • Ability to write programs and ability to maintain the technical data regarding the training programs
  • Ability to submit the technical report of the training program to the management
  • Excellent presentation skills and ability to develop the training material
  • Good interpersonal and organizational skills

Educational qualification and license

Completed the Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from DAD Organization, Dallas in the year 20XX


Completed the certification in Java Programming Language from ZXC Organization, Dallas in the year 20XX

Technical Skills

  • Familiar with Apache Tomcat, Apache Web Server, UNIX commands and scripting, Ant, Aspect-J, JUnit
  • Languages: C++
  • Good knowledge of Java 5.0, JavaScript, Oracle PL/SQL, XML, AJAX, MQ, Struts, JSP
  • OS: Mac OS X; Linux; Windows XP
  • Extensive knowledge of Core JAVA, J2EE,
  • Techniques: wxWidgets, sndfile, openal


Member of ERT Technology Organization, Dallas

Professional experience

A java technician trainer in CVB Organization, Dallas from July 20XX till date


  • Providing the training on the use of the technical languages in the project work as well as providing Java Technical leadership in designing, architecting, and implementing the plans
  • Participating in the development of the project work and generating material for training programs
  • Inspiring candidates for better learning and offering pre-assessments as well as reviewing the project work
  • Elaborating the objectives of the project work and evaluating the performance of candidates
  • Organizing the guest lectures and workshops for the candidates to be efficient in the project work
  • Supervising the training programs and directing candidates for learning the updated technical knowledge

A senior java technology trainer in GHJ Organization, Dallas from December 20XX to May 20XX


  • Identifying the requirements of the candidates and implementing the best practices across the project work
  • Determining the intentions of project work and providing the latest technical knowledge to the candidates
  • Developing the skill set of the candidates by providing them the best practices and assessing the performance and technical abilities of the candidates
  • Collecting the data of the training program and observing it as well as stating it to the candidates for their further development
  • Developing the technical programs and offering the updated knowledge to the candidates
  • Clarifying doubts of the candidates and working as a link between management and staff


Ice skating, swimming, and cycling

Personal Details:

  • Name: Larry Wilson
  • Date of Birth: XX/XX/19XX
  • Employment Status: Full time
  • Relationship status: Single


  • Name
  • Director of Technological Development Department, Dallas
  • Cell: 
  • Email id:

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