Learn English Naturally and in an infotainment way

How to learn English

Why learn English?

Needless to say, English is one language which can get you going in almost all the nook and corner of the world. It is an international language and is spoken the best by native speakers of a few most powerful countries in the world. STOP (We assume that you are not a native speaker and that is why you are even reading this article.

Since you are not a native speaker, do not expect to learn it overnight.[“BIG THINGS TAKE TIME“] You need to put in efforts in order to speak English. So what if you are not a native speaker, you can still learn English pretty well.

You would need it badly in the professional world. Even while pursuing academics. It certainly adds to your personality’s brand value. You would find people around you paying attention to what you are talking about.

In today’s era, most US or UK or even Australian will judge your language skills (English) as well apart from scanning your attitude and aptitude. Even to create a resume or curriculum vitae (CV), you would need to learn English. We will leave no stone unturned in showing you the right direction.

Why can’t you learn to speak English effortlessly?

Since you are not a native speaker, you were taught a different language when you landed on this planet. So learning a second language is certainly not a cakewalk. It’s like changing the operating system’s language of your computer. 

We are dead sure that a lot of people around you must have suggested reading novels, newspapers, magazines and loads of BlAhzzz bLaHZZZ!! 

Still, why couldn’t you do it on a regular basis? It is simply because you never had love or passion for novels, newspapers, magazines, etc. So every time you make an attempt to do any of these, your brain needs to oppose the “eternal friction”. In short, you find them “BORING”.

How to learn English?

You need to make the act of learning English infotainment. A mix of Information + Entertainment. Learn English naturally. This will help you enjoy and be continuously curious to learn. You just need to ignite a spark within you.

No need to read if you are not a bookworm or even close to it. Remember, right from dawn to dusk you can observe ample English words floating around you. You just need to stop ignoring them. For example: While you are on your way to work or reverse, the advertisement boards along the roadsides are mostly written in English. 

You do look at them but just for the heck of it. Another example: You must be around your colleagues sometimes or friends when they talk in English. What do you do then? Let us take a guess!

You tell your mind to simply ignore whatever they are talking about if it starts bouncing over your head. The moral of the story is, in order for you to learn English naturally, you need your ears and eyes to attract most of the words which you see or hear from morning tonight. Then, you need to instantly note them.

If you do not have a smartphone, buy one. You can afford it. Download a dictionary app (Dictionary.com) and a notepad app. The moment you come across any “never heard” words or even those which you have heard but clueless about what it really means, you should do this. 

Write the word on the notepad and how you heard or saw that word. Whenever you get time or even before sleeping at night, check out their meanings in the app and also try remembering how you heard them. (Do not proactively refer to the notepad). Since you heard or saw those words naturally, so learning them will be natural and easy.

Every morning, rush to the washroom and face yourself in the mirror. (You may want to refer to another article after reading this: How to prepare for an interview?) Talk to yourself in English. Brief yourself on “how are you planning to spend the day” and try to include those ‘recently learned words’ in what you utter.

Make it a habit. If you like watching suspense or thriller or even action movies, start watching the English ones. They will be short and entertaining. The only thing missing would be a rain song comprising an actress

dancing in a saree. Lol! If you like sports, watch the one with English commentary and if you like news, watch the English one. Most importantly, remember to use the app as well.

Beware of a wrong practice when it comes to learning English in India.

Never ever think of learning it by translating sentences from your mother tongue to English. It will make you learn some English for sure but there will be delay every time you try talking in English. Your spoken English would go for a toss.

Nobody will wait for minutes to hear your response at work or even otherwise. Trying to learn English by translating is like “being in P**istan and thinking about Peace”. So do not go that way.

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