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Email Flyer Template

An email flyer template can be accessed online. It is normally used to assist in the completion of desktop publishing projects. An email flyer is necessary to help in the promotion of any business. The use of email flyer templates is one of the cost-effective methods any business can use to promote its products or services. Businesses looking to promote their services can download an email flyer template and customize it according to their requirement. Shown below is a sample flyer template.

Email templates are widely used for drafting the desired e-mails sent for official or personal purposes. An email template consists of details like the email address of the receiver and the sender, the subject on which the email is based and signature of the sender, etc. Invitation e-mails, business e-mails, thank you e-mails and proposal e-mails are the major categories used for communication.

An e-mail template should consist of the following mentioned factors:

  • A date column on which the e-mail is released is to be mentioned in the e-mail template. The name, designation, and organization details of the email receiver should be mentioned in the formal e-mail template.
  • The name, designation, and sender’s organization are required to complete the e-mail template.
  • Write about the subject of the e-mail in the template.
  • Discuss the matter and issue for which the e-mail template is formed and fill the name of both organizations with the other information required.
  • Close the e-mail with the signature of the sender.

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Email Flyer Template

Email Flyer Template

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Name of product ___________________________

Price of product ____________________________

Image of product

Product description


For more information contact us on

Phone number ______________________

Mobile Number _____________________

Email address _______________________

Company Name ___________________________                          Company Logo

Physical address ___________________________

City, town, zip code ________________________

Telephone number _________________________
Fax _____________________________________

Email address _____________________________

Website __________________________________


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