Best Resume For Civil Engineer Fresher (Word)

Resume For Civil Engineer Fresher

An engineering student who has recently completed the education is more likely going to draft Resume For Civil Engineer Fresher for the first time. The information included in the resume would vary from person to person, and organization to organization, even if the job opening is for the same trade.

It also depends a lot upon the engineering stream a candidate would have specialized in. In such situations, one must refer to the job description provided by the employers to draft a befitting resume, which can win the interview call for you.

Job descriptions are crucial for writing an impressive resume. They become even more important if the person is drafting the Civil engineer fresher Resume for the first time. Job descriptions can provide information on ideal skills a candidate must have, as being desired by the employers, to deliver the job responsibilities satisfactorily. You can also download Chemical Engineer Resume.

This would also help an applicant to target the employers’ requirements, and position his/her candidature as the ideal option, by highlighting selective skills which best fit the job description.

Therefore, before an engineering student begins designing the Resume For Civil Engineer Fresher, he/she must thoroughly understand the job description and identify the set of similar skills shared by him/her, and the ideal candidate. Then, a suitable layout can be selected for professionally sharing these details. The below-given engineering student resume sample can be referred to, for the necessary information required.

Resume For Civil Engineer Fresher

Resume For Civil Engineer Fresher

Your Name

Mobile no:  

Career Objective

In quest of a challenging mechanical engineering position, with a reputed engineering firm, where I can explore my skills and knowledge, and bring them to effective use for achieving organizational goals along with personal growth and development.

M.Sc. (Master of Science)XYZ University (620 S, Pleansantburg, Greenville, SC)20XXGPA 13.57
B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) MechanicalXYZ University (620 S, Pleansantburg, Greenville, SC)20XXGPA 16.48


Summer Training (April 2019 to June 2019 – 90 Days)

Organization: Aerie Engineering

Responsibilities and tasks performed:

  • Follow up on execution of project plan
  • Coordinate with the stakeholders for successful execution and competitions of the project
  • Assist project manager with daily activities
  • Keep various reports ready for quick reference
  • Maintain complete status report of project development
  • Act as a point of contact and information hub for other departments
  • Maintain a log of all project reports, both hard and soft copy
  • Update status reports online for others to refer

Professional Skills:

  • HVAC design
  • Expertise in thermal, electrical, and insulation designs
  • MS Office
  • 3D illustrations for prototypes

Personal Profile:

Marital Status:
Date of Birth:
Hobbies: lawn tennis, football


I, Your Name, hereby confirm that the details given above by me are true in all aspects.


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