Shopping In Jaipur : Best Shopping Markets In Jaipur

Shopping In Jaipur

Shopping In Jaipur : Jaipur is a city of vibrant colors, this can be deeply observed more in the festive season. Jaipur Markets are the perfect place to shop for famous articles like Kundan, Meena jewelry, blue pottery, gemstone, precious metals, carpets, textiles, handicrafts, etc. In Jaipur city, Ajmeri Gate Market, Bapu Bazaar, Nehru Bazaar, M I Road, Johri bazaar, and Haldiyon ka Rasta are the famous shopping center of the special pink city items.

Jaipur markets are beautifully decorated in the festive seasons like Diwali, the whole city is filled with the light and the crackers, markets feel the large growth in the buyer’s interest in this season.


Jaipur Jewelry is well renowned all over the world. The work of Jaipur Jewelers is appreciated and liked by all shoppers. It is exported and has become the major source of income for many in the pink city. Every year, a show is organized to expose the new and trendy jewelry in the market, this even is known by JAS ie. Jewelry Association Show.

Kundan and Meena Jewelry are top on the list of buyers’ choice and artisans’ perfection. Another good attracting jewelry includes the Thewa, Lac, and gem & stones.

Jaipur Gem Stone jewelry includes precious and semi-precious stones which include diamond, topaz, ruby, garnet, emerald, amethyst, jade, etc. and gemstones used in Jaipur jewelry are emerald, sapphire, ruby, and pearl.

Lac Jewelry ( Lacquer Jewelry) was said to be originated from a pink city. Among all items designed and made in lac, bangles are the most attractive and most sold items. Lac jewelry is made by heating the material and providing it the desired shape and engraving the glass and other metal to increase the beauty of these items.

There is a traditional art of fusing 23K Gold with multi-colored glass, which is made with high dazzling efficiency. Kundan Jewelry is mainly designed with gold and silver precious metals.

The real beauty of these ornaments is in the precise setting of stones engraved in the metal. Meena Jewelry is very famous among all other jewelry designs and preferred by royal patronage since times. It is an art of designing on metal by proving gloomy colors.


Jaipur is famous for textile printing and the traditional design of clothes. Tripolia Bazaar, Kishanpol bazaar, Bapu, and Nehru Bazaar are the famous places to buy these types of items, whereas Jauhari Bazaar is famous for tie and die cloths.

A bargain is also acceptable in most places. Besides textile, the majestic city also famous for producing quilts(razai), rugs, and carpets (dharies). Jaipur has a vast collection of tie and dye.

Famous in this category are Bandhej, Pachranga, and laheria. All these items are made by hand and are colored for eye-catching behavior. Kishanpole Bazaar is another good option to buy these types of items. Jaipur quilts or Jaipuri Razai are very famous and buyers come from long distances to buy these quilts.

They are famous for their unique features They are very light and handmade quilts. Jaipuri razais may be handmade and lightweight, but they are hardly flimsy. Shops near Hawa Mahal and in Johari bazaar have a good collection of these types of items.

Jaipur carpets are of various designs, This age-old tradition is kept alive by Jaipur artisans and they work skillfully to make these type of items. There is various kind of carpets like Mughal carpets, Rajasthani carpets, and cotton carpets. All these items are world-famous and acknowledged by all.

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The distinct quality and remarkable design made the Jaipur Handicraft world famous. The royal rulers of Jaipur used to keep artisans and craftsmen in their court and used to reward them for their work. Since then this work carried by heredity.

There several options like blue pottery, carved furniture, paintings, sculptures, home decorations, toys, traditional things, and many more things. If you are an art lover, the market of Jaipur offers a good place for all these. Blue Pottery is handmade articles decorated with prominent designs. They all are made of ground quartz.

They are known as blue pottery because of the use of Persian blue-colored dye used to paint them. Other dominating colors besides blue color in pottery are green, white, yellow, and brown. The metal craft tradition of Jaipur dates back to more than five centuries.

Brass is mainly used as primary metal to make metal objects. The designs may include anything and they are so precisely designed that it is impossible to take an eye from them. Another famous work in this field is sculpturing and carving.

They all are designed on big marble stones. In this work, mainly designed statues of Hindu gods, animals, human beings. They can be seen working on the street of Jaipur near Ajmeri Gate or Kishanpole Bazaar. Also, Jauhari Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar, Nehru Bazaar, Chaura Rasta, and Tripolia Bazaar will provide you every handicraft of this pink city.

Don’t forget to bargain while buying things to get the maximum value of your money. All these items can be seen in one place on MI Road of Jaipur.

Leather Items

Jaipur is famous for the leather craft industry. They are mainly made from camel leather, and items like Jootis, bags, sandals, shoes, purses, and belts are made from this.

They are designed and made by local men and women. Half the work is done by men and they are finally finished by women. Don’t forget to bargain while buying these items. All these items can be found in the markets of Jaipur, mainly in the Bapu Bazaar and Nehru Bazaar.

You will find plenty of designs for every leather item, choose wisely, and do the bargaining. This can keep your Jaipur trip memories fresh for a long time.

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