Abhaneri Step Well History, How To Reach, Travel Guide

Abhaneri Step Well

Abhaneri is a small town village located on Jaipur Agra highway. Abhaneri is famous for Step Wells and Temple and approx 100 km from Jaipur on Agra Highway. Know more about Abhaneri

About Abhaneri

Abhaneri, Jaipur is a place around 95 kilometers from the capital city of Jaipur in the state of Rajasthan and this place has an aura of its own. Famous for the step-wells or ‘Bawdi’ as they are known locally, the site is on the marvels of the medieval era of Indian history.

The place is situated in the district of Duasa which is a neighboring location around Jaipur. The town of Duasa is famous for its archaeological heritage which is no lesser than that of Jaipur.

While the Pink city was ruled by rulers of the Kacchwah dynasty, Dausa fell in the kingdom of Gurjar Parihar kings.

History of Abhaneri

The step wells or ‘Bawadis’ are the flagship tourist destination around the capital. The history of the monument goes back to the 8th century when Gurjar King Samrat Mihir Bhoj, the history reckons him as King Raja Chand, build this massive rainwater harvesting mega structure and though it was just to serve the major purpose of abundant water supply and timely irrigation facility.

Yet the architectural aspect of the place is a fine example of his highness love for artwork. The beautiful carvings on the stones around the peripheral and inner walls are simply phenomenal.

Abhaneri Village

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Abhaneri Architecture

The Abhaneri step wells contain delicate engravings of the stones and this piece of artwork is a pleasure to watch. There are a series of step wells in the vicinity and the largest and deepest of them all is ‘Chand Baori’ which is facing the Harshat Mata temple in front.

The striking feature of Abhaneri step wells is the number of steps one takes to reach the water and these steps have been divided into stories. This piece of architecture is a trademark and peculiar Rajasthani Style and is seldom found in other parts of India.

Abhaneri Famous For

The site became famous on the tourist radar after some movies including the Hollywood blockbuster of the near past, The Dark Knight Rises, was shot here and the frames unleashed the beauty of the place to the world. It is locally famous for the Harshat Mata temple.

The tourists flock here in large numbers post the success of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Apart from the temple and the water harvesting wells, the place has a different aura of its own which attracts the visitors. The peace of the site is soothing and the surrounding views of the green fields are breathtaking.

How to Reach Abhaneri

Nearly a two-hour travel by public transport and even less by private vehicle will take one to Abhaneri. The site is situated on the Jaipur-Agra National Highway and a direct transport facility to the place is available however, one has to rent a car for the purpose.

The area is sparsely populated just like most parts of Rajasthan yet there is no issue of accommodation, it’s easily available. One can rent a room in a hotel near Dausa town and the trademark Rajasthani food served around here is mouthwatering.

Due to a good distance from the main city, not many tour operators provide a service yet a custom tour package can be organized at a cost-effective rate however, it does get costlier in winters, which is probably the best time to visit Rajasthan.

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