Albert Hall Museum Rare Collection

Albert Hall Museum

Albert Hall Museum consists of Indo Saracenic type of architecture and is designed the same as the Victoria and Albert Museum which is located in London. This museum exhibits a rare collection of ancient stuff including miniature paintings, carpets, metal and wood crafts, toys, dolls, arms and weapons, and Egyptian Mummy belonging to the Ptolemaic Era.

The most extraordinary of these things is the carpet that depicts the scene of the Persian garden with gushing streams. This carpet was bought by Mirza Raja Jai Singh I at a dear price from Shah Abbas of Persia.

Albert Hall Museum – Jewelry And Dresses

Ground floor galleries of the museum display various jewelry and dresses that belong to the people from all sections of the society of Rajasthan. Thus, there is an exhibition of the apparels of the privileged class consisting of the Rajputs and the wealthy merchants.

It also contains garments of the varied tribes of Rajasthan including the Bhils, Meenas, Bhopas, Gadoliya, and Lohars. This gallery gives one, an insight into the culture and lifestyle of the Rajasthan tribes.

Albert Hall Rajput Collections

The art and the culture of Rajasthan are exhibited in the Albert Hall Museum. It also portrays the morality of Rajputs by stating that a Rajput would risk his life if he is coerced to renounce his faith or his lands are confiscated or the Rajput women are pestered.

In this museum, the village life of Rajasthan is shown that how they live their life by doing work like woodwork, brassware, pottery, and costumes.

The Darbar Hall remains generally locked, houses the impressive Persian garden carpet that was created in Persian in 1632, and is one of the finest treasures of India.

Beautiful Albert Hall Museum

Persian Garden Carpet is the oldest identified carpet and is solitary. The ground floor of the museum also displays paintings, Egyptian mummy, vessels, and Japanese pottery. The arms, ammunition, and armory collection is mind-boggling. We can discover each big and small weapon used during wars by visiting this museum.

There is also one gallery known as Mehndi Mandana which gives illustrations on henna body art of Rajasthan. This gallery shows the typical Rajasthani patterns and motifs that are uniquely considered as ethnic throughout the world. The first floor of the building of the central Museum also shows assorted figures of saints portraying various postures.

The costumes of Kings and Queens is the key attraction from the different collection in the museum. One can retreat the times of the royal empires by seeing the textile collection of the medieval era makes.

A wide collection of ornaments that impresses the ladies of the modern era are also displayed in this section. Another gallery displays the puppets and Phad paintings.

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Albert Hall Museum – Other Various Collection

Albert Hall Museum Collection is the most visited destination by the tourist of Jaipur and it is also famed for its enormous and exclusive collection. The museum houses 19,000 historic objects.

It has various collections like metalware, ivory work, lacquer work, jewelry, textiles, pottery carved wooden objects, arms, and weapons, clay models, sculptures, educational, scientific, and zoological objects, tribal costumes, ceramics, oil and miniature paintings, inlay work, musical instruments, clocks and marble statues which is the specialty of this museum. Moreover, chillums, musical instruments, lacquer work, etc are displayed.

However, the central gallery exhibits the Rajasthani music and dance forms, which is a must to see in the museum.

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