Gaitore Jaipur – History, Architecture, Famous For, How to Reach

Gaitore Jaipur

Gaitore, one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Jaipur, is a royal cremation ground for the Kachhwaha Rajput kings and the members of the royal family. Gaitore is cenotaphs that narrate the tales of chivalry. Gaitor is one of the tourist attractions of Jaipur.

About Gaitore Jaipur

Gaitor Jaipur is a place in the foothills of the Nahargarh Fort Better known as Royal Gaitor because of its relationship with the royal families of Jaipur. It was a crematorium where all the royals ended their last journey on earth.

The place bears several cenotaphs each for the member of the royal family who was cremated here. The historical importance of the place is much related to the love and faith people have in their hearts for their kings. There is a sort of memorial monuments builds in memories of kings.

Gaitore History

The Gaitor of Jaipur is as old as the city itself and the history of the city complements that of Gaitor. This was just a crematorium where the last rituals of dead members of Royal families were formed and after that, a beautiful cenotaph was built over the place in the memory of the deceased. This was a way to remember them for years and let people appreciate their life and work.

This was a royal gesture and only those kings who received a cenotaph here ruled the people’s hearts, almost all the reigning kings fall into this category and hence there is one for everyone except the Maharaja Sawai Ishwari Singh II whose cenotaph is outside the Jai Niwas garden.

Gaitore Architecture

These structures are very beautiful and the architecture is as fine as the one found in those forts and palaces. The cenotaph of Madho Singh II has been made up of white and pink stones which is a fine example of a moment.

Since 1733, the place had been used for the cremation of Kacchwaha kings, who ruled the city. The cenotaphs have been delicately decorated with fine carvings in the stones.

The one which has been built for Maharaja Jai Singh II contains white marbles with peacock engraving on it. The memorial of the queen, Maharani ki Chhatri is located near Rambagh.

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Gaitore Famous For

Gaitor Jaipur, Rajasthan is famous among the foreign tourists who visit here to witness the rich heritage of the city and the state. They are more interested in the finding of the architectural perspective of the place, some of them even show a keen interest in the history behind the place and they simply amaze by the fact that these are actually memorials.

This one is situated near Nahargarh, Amer, and Jaigarh fort, so a visit to the place can be extended with a visit to this trio of forts as well making more out of the trip.

How to Reach Gaitore

The location is very easily approachable and all one needs is to board either a low floor bus or a minibus plying on the route and once you reach the foot of the Nahargarh Fort which is on the main road, a diverted link road around 4 km away from the NH-8. Regular accommodation is easily available from various tour operators.

Private cabs and open roof bus service are also available for hire on an hourly basis and the paid trip sometimes includes a Rajasthani meal however it differs from operator to operator.

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