Govind Dev Ji Temple, History, Timing, How to Reach Information

Govind Dev Ji

The statue of Govind Dev ji was established by Sawai Jai Singh, near the city palace. The Govind Devji Temple is only one of its kind, it has acclaimed the certificate from Guinness World Records for the concrete structure. It was built in 1890 and can accommodate more than 5000 devotees.

About Govind Dev Ji Temple

The Govind Dev Ji temple in Pink city of Jaipur is the oldest temple whose history dates back to the history of the city. This is a 5000 years old center of faith for the Hindus.

The place has a great history which closely depicts the Hindu religion in every flavor. It provides a good insight into the life and devotion of the disciples of Lord Krishna.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna, the name Govind is among his numerous names. It holds religious as well as historical importance.

Govind Dev ji Temple History

The history of the place goes back to 5000 years when the Bajrambha, the great-grandson of Lord Krishna curiously asked his mother, the daughter-in-law of the lord as to how the lord of lords looks like, and based on her description he made an image of the eternal almighty but failed to replicate the exact image and he then tried twice over and successfully replicated in his third attempt.

The idol since then has been popular as the Govind Dev Ji, the beloved God of the Pink city. Over time it has served as the epicenter of worship. The other two idols to have been installed in the shrine alongside the Govind Dev Ji. They are known as ‘Madan Mohan Ji’ and ‘Gopinath Ji’, the other two names of Lord Krishna.

The shrine was lost in the sands of time people did almost forgot the preaching of their Lord but then came to a charismatic saint Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, he resurrected the belief and reinstalled the belief in the pupils.

He found the famous temple of Lord with his greatest lover, the Radha rani, in Vrindavan, as the place mentioned in Bhagvat Geeta, the greatest book of Hindu mythology.

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Govind Devji Temple Architecture

The architectural perspective of the place is simply divine just like the religious aspect. The modern temple which we witness today was built in the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar, famous as the first emperor of India.

The temple has been made up of sandstones and is a fine piece of architecture portraying the rich legacy of the past when temples used to be the most beautiful places around and building a temple or simply contributing in terms of labor or wealth was looked at as the greatest devotion to God.

The central passage and the worship hall where the daily chanting of the verses from the holy books takes place is magnificent. The huge doorway is a masterpiece of architecture with high perch and walls with engraved images depicting the rich architectural of India of the past.

Govind Devji Temple Famous For

The place is a temple and for the obvious reason, it is famous among the Hindus for the blessings of the Lord. It is said that the Govind Dev Ji has kept the city inhabited for centuries and will protect it for the centuries to come.

How to Reach Govind Devji Temple

The Govind Devji Temple is centrally situated in the heart of the city and it is a well-known landmark. The place is just a few kilometers away from the railway station and Bus stand.

Regular bus service is available throughout the day and the temple remains open for the people, the tourist, the pupils alike for the entire day throughout day.

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