Karauli : History, Geography, How to Reach Karauli


Karauli is a small village located nearly 190 km away from Jaipur, founded in 1348. Madan Mohanji Temple is very famous for this place which is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The village was fully fortified by red sandstone, but only remains are left now.

About Karauli

Karauli is one of the districts of Rajasthan which is adjacent to Jaipur. Karauli is the main town here which also happens to the headquarter of the district. The majority of the population comprises of the Meena community who once ruled the region which was a part of the Matsya Kingdom by late after 11th century and then it came under the Rajputs who ruled it till India got independence in 1947.

Geography of Karauli

The geographical boundary of the district touches the other four famous districts of Rajasthan with Dholpur in the east, Dausa in the North, Sawai Madhopur in the west, and Bharatpur in the north-east.

The Chambal river flows through the south-eastern border which divides the state from Madhya Pradesh. While most of the region is covered with hills and ravines, there are no high peak hills here, the highest of them all being just 1400 feet above sea -level.

The Karauli district has a good reserve of iron ore and quality stones which are imported to different parts of the world. This is among the densely populated region of Rajasthan with a population density of 218 persons per square kilometer.

History of Karauli

Karauli has a glorious past, the region was once a part of the Matsya kingdom, of whom Abhimanyu, the Son of Arjuna was one of the rulers. Meena kings became the rulers post the 11th century and after then it was conquered by the Rajputs who retained it with them till independence and after 1947 when the Government of India decided to dissolve the monarchy, it becomes part of the state of Rajasthan.

Karuali Famous For

Karauli district in Rajasthan has been famous for the iron ore reserves and the fine quality of stones but just like the other regions of Rajasthan. It too is famous for some beautifully built temples which include Kailadevi, Madan Mohanji, Shri Mahavirji, Shri Anjani Mata Ji and Mehndipur Balaji and it’s architectural heritage too is rich with forts like, Timangarh, Mandrayal, and Rawal mahal.

Demography and Economy of Karauli

The demographic composition of the place includes a population count of 1,458,459 as according to Census of India, 2011 data. So statistically, it is as much populated as the total population of Switzerland.

This makes rank 340 among the biggest districts of India population-wise and the population density of the district is 264 persons per square kilometer of area. The annual population growth rate is 20.57 % and the sex ratio is lower with 858 females for every 1000 males.

The literacy rate is as high as 67.34%. The economy mainly depends on business which includes iron ore processing and stone crushing and export.

How to Reach Karauli

Karauli district or the town of Karauli is well connected to other parts of the state through rail and road network and the nearest airport city is Jaipur. Regular transport is available from Jaipur and other cities of Rajasthan.

The accommodation is fair and meals served in this part of the state have a peculiar taste of their own. One of the famous food is ‘Daal-Baati-Churma’ which is a plain spherical bread served with pulse and malt mixture. The taste is everlasting.

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