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Pink City Jaipur

Pink City Jaipur : Jaipur is a very old traditional city of colors, music, festivals, and culture. The city of Rajasthan, Jaipur is famous for its major tourist attractions which are there in the city since the olden days. The city is also famous for the newly constructed temples, buildings, and gardens.

Also, known as the ‘Pink City‘, Jaipur has everything in it which can touch your heart. The glory of the people lies in their turbans which they tie on their head matching their mood of the day. Yellow, Pink, Red, Orange, and many others are the colors of this glory.

Not only that but major people of the city speak all the languages which are spoken in different areas of the city or even nearby villages to the city. The overall culture is heart-touching and one cannot forget to visit the city again and again.

Music is one of the arts of Rajasthan and Jaipur city is not exceptional in it. The music of Jaipur is sweet and soothing which might even put a tensed person to a deep and pleasant sleep.

The colors of the sarees, dupattas, and turbans, or even the shoes and bangles are a part of Jaipur culture and it won’t let you leave the city unless you buy any one of these. Attractive and bright colors of Jaipur are traditional and based on their culture.

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A great combination of dark yellow, dark red, and dark green gives a natural traditional Jaipur look to the clothing, bangles, turbans, sarees which you were.

Tourist Attraction of Jaipur

No need to mention the tourist attractions which are part of the dwelling places of the Rajputs. Rajputs are the local people of the state Rajasthan. Bravery, wisdom, love, compassion, courage, and a few words that can be associated with the people of Jaipur. Even today you will find great love and compassion in the people of Jaipur.

There are temples, churches, mosques, and places of worship for all the religions in this city of colors. Traditional Hindu temples, churches of the British time, Mosques, and new temples such as the Birla temple, Ganesh temple are famous in the Pink City.

Why Jaipur is Called Pink City

Why can be the name of the city ‘Pink City‘? Here is the answer to the most common question in your mind. The above-mentioned qualities are surely proof of the fact that Jaipur has maintained all its culture and tradition even at this date.

The colors of the buildings were painted with pink color in 1876 A.D, to welcome the British Prince Albert and Queen Elizabeth II. Since then the color of the buildings in the olden areas of the city are the same and this shows that Jaipur has not changed its culture and tradition even in the 20th century.

The city was founded on 18 November 1727 A.D by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II who was the ruler of Amber. The city was named in the name of the Maharaja or the King.

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