Ramgarh Lake Jaipur : History, How to Reach Ramgarh Lake

Ramgarh Lake

Ramgarh Lake : Ramgarh has located 25 km from Jaipur. It is famous for a huge artificial lake with a size of 4 km in length and 2 km in breadth. This lake is full in the rainy season by water passing through hills and used to supply water to mass people for different purposes. It is believed that the old rules of Jaipur were once lived here before finally moving to Jaipur.

About Ramgarh Lake

Ramgarh Lake is an artificial water body built to supply fresh water to the city of Jaipur. It is situated around 32 Km from the capital city of Jaipur in Jamwa Ramgarh.

The lake finds a large number of visitors throughout the year but during monsoons or the Rainy seasons in India, the number increases many folds.

The beauty of the place is simply mesmerizing when the lake is full. As of today it is no more used as a source of water for supply yet its importance has not diminished by any measure.

History of Ramgarh Lake

Ramgarh Lake was constructed by erecting a high bund across the tree covered hills and the water body spans around 15.5 km of area. The place was mainly a hunting ground where the kings used to come for the pray and now with time, it has emerged as one of the most vivid heritage sites of the region. Alongside the lake, one can see the remains of a dead fort.

It served as a source of freshwater for the city until 2000 but now it has been abandoned of the responsibility. Ramgarh Lake has its name carved in the history of Asian Games when in 1982, the rowing event was organized here.

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Ramgarh Lamke Famous For

Ramgarh Lake is not just a lake, it is a hot-spot of biodiversity where a large number of birds and animal species can be spotted. It is a heaven for bird watchers as the place serves as the home of many rare species of birds which flew through the overseas to spend their summers here, always delight the enthusiasts.

Owing to this, it has been declared as a National bird Sanctuary by the Government. The dense forest nearby houses some wildlife species which includes Neelgai, Chittal, and lions. The Ramgarh heritage hotel is famous for the Royal hospitality and Rajasthani cuisines.

The place offers an exciting wildlife safari for the tourist ever since 1982 when it became famous on the world atlas and subsequently, the Government granted it Sanctuary status.

The vast plain land with hills in the background mirroring themselves in the fresh stagnant water offers a silent view of the place which remains etched in the heart long after the visit.

The beauty of the place during the Indian monsoon when the water level is high and the lush green panoramic view is simply amazing, one falls short of words to describe the experience.

Apart from the scenic beauty, there is a polo ground, a fort, a temple of Jamwa Mata, after whose name the place has been named as Jamwa Ramgarh and a museum are some of the other attractions.

How to Reach Ramgarh Lake

The place can be visited either by taking a tour program organized periodically by local as well as international tour agents or one can simply take an RSTC Bus to reach there.

The accommodation is the best and cost-effective. The royalty can be experienced in Ramgarh Heritage hotel. The best time to visit the place is from June to September

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