Best Bartender Resume Template Word

Bartender Resume Template Word

Bartender Resume Template Word : Bartenders blend and hand out beverages and drinks to their customers sitting at the bar or dining table. They usually serve the drinks by waiters and waitresses but sometimes they serve by their selves. Bartenders are hired by restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes and banquet halls, and other social gatherings of people like auctions and exhibitions.

It’s a wrong impression that people use about the bartenders that their only duty is to make drinks and getting the tips but their job involves a lot of other tasks too. Along with making drinks, they have to keep an eye on the existing inventory and managing it by ordering more before it runs out.

This is not a job for every person because it’s a very stressful job. Bartenders serve a lot of customers during rush hours and have to deal with different types of people including males and females which require a good memory and a lot of patience.

Despite the location like whether it’s a bar or a banquet hall, a bartender is supposed to do a lot of tasks at the job such as:

  • Stocking the bar with new bottles of alcohol, beer, wine, and other items like ice and fruits.
  • Cleaning the glassware and bar tops to satisfy the customer and management.
  • Managing the balance statement at the start and end of every day.
  • Verifying the customers to see whether they qualify to drink or not.

A bartender is supposed to be very talented because an average person can’t deal with that many customers on daily basis. He is also supposed to be good at remembering things because, at rush hours, more than thirty customers will be demanding different drinks and beverages.

There will be times when you meet interesting people who will make your duty hours memorable, but this job also comes with stressful times when you will be hearing long and boring stories of the customers with patience and have to smile all the time.

As people act completely different after drinking so you will be dealing with a lot of crying, shouting, and vomiting customers. But overall it’s a good career where you always have some interesting stories to tell to your family at thanksgiving Easter.

Bartender Resume Template Word

Bartender Resume Summary

You Can you this Bartender Resume Summary for your resume.

To obtain a position as a bartender that effectively utilizes my acquired expertise, creative talents, and commitment to excellence. I desire a position with career growth potential.

The earning in this career highly depends upon the place where you work. Bartenders work on hourly wages which varies from $10 to $14 per hour, and that’s without tips. Besides the hourly wages, bartenders get quite good tips from their customers. Depending upon the working of the restaurant or bar, you may get a percentage in tip-outs.

Either you share the tip jar with your fellow bartenders or not, you get very good money as compared to the education and experience required for this job. Your earning at this job majorly varies with the abilities and skills you acquire from the previous jobs.

Tips For Bartender Resume Template

  • First and most important, write a killer and unique objective which will make you different from other applicants.
  • Although this job doesn’t require any education it’s good for the first impression that you add a little about your most recent education and certificates.
  • The most important thing in a bartender’s resume is the experience you write. This job only requires great experience and special skills that you have gained at the previous jobs.
  • It’s very important to stick to a one-page resume and don’t use another page at any cost.
  • Either it’s related to bartending or not, but if you have a past job that included dealing with people, add that too in your resume.
  • The satisfaction of customers here highly depends upon the personality of the bartender so attach one of your photos with the resume to show them that you have a very attractive personality which is very important in this career.

There are things not to add to your resume such as:

  • There is no need to add the statement that “references will be provided as per need” because every employer knows that you will provide the references when you are asked.
  • No need to put all the information about your entire education history unless you have just studied in the bartending career and have all the certificates related to the bartender job.
  • It’s an entirely different career so don’t you dare to send out the same resume which you used for another job. Every job has its specification and requirements so create a new resume for this job.

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