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C++ Developer Resume

Here is a sample C++ Developer Resume for your review. Through this resume sample, you can easily create a resume if you are applying for the post of C++ Developer in any organization. In this sample, we have used fictitious names and addresses to give you an idea of how to create a C++ Developer Resume for yourself. We hope this C++ Developer Resume Sample will help you pen down a suitable resume for yourself independently.

C++ Developer Resume


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I am seeking a career that is challenging and interesting. I am looking for a job that lets me work on the leading areas of technology; a job that gives me opportunities to learn, innovate and enhance my skills & strengths in conjunction with company goals & objectives.


Have 7+ Years of work experience in software development. Currently working with GE Ltd, Dehli


  • Master of Computer Application Department Of Computer Science, University Of Florida
  • B.Sc. (Physics) the University Of Florida.


  • Platforms
  • Unix (Linux, Sun Solaris), Windows 9x, Windows XP
  • Languages
  • C, C++, Perl, shell.
  • Tools/APIs
  • Make, Unix Sockets, IPC’s


Organization GE Ltd

  • Client: Europian Fast, USA.
  • Title: Europian Fast Application.
  • Duration: May 2004 – Till date.
  • Languages/Tools: C, C++, Unix, DB2.

Scope of the Project

Corporate Purchase Card Line Item Detail is a Capturing system. This System gets the feed from various regions and loads the data into various Lid Capture Tables. The Feed that gets received from regions includes the corporate Transactions on Amex cards along with Level1, Level2, and Level3 Data. Involved in managing support teams from offshore as well as coordinating with onsite.

  • Team Size: 18.
  • Role/Responsibilities: Project Lead.

Organization: Kanbay India Ltd

  • Client : Data Transfer (TD), Florida, USA
  • Title: Money Plus Gift Cards.
  • Duration: Feb 2000 – Apr 2004.
  • Languages/Tools C, C++, Sun Solaris, Oracle, Perl.

Scope of the Project Money Plus project deals with Online Transaction Processing System as the core system. Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) provides real-time authorization. These transactions are triggered from different sources like POS, IVR, Internet, and Helpdesk, etc.

These transactions are carried out against gift cards. This system handles stand-in processing, reconciliation, MIS reporting for the individual merchant. OLTP system is divided into three components. They are Communication, messaging, and Application.

Communication deals with interface with Money Plus global network which turns connected customer delivery system like POS, Internet, VLBC (Money Plus help desk) and these are point sale from where the transaction is originated.

They also connected to Money Plus Mainframe systems through SNA protocol, from where transactions are also originated. The core business is design in a modular component, which allows fit in different merchants its business functionality. Some of the worldwide merchants are Reliance, blockbuster, Walgreens, etc.

  • Team Size: 8.
  • Role/Responsibilities: Team Lead / Developer.
  • Development/Enhancement to the existing Application system.

Organization: Polaris

Title Accounting, Billing, and Payroll.

Scope of project

DHL Service Specialist Ltd is a courier service company engaged in the nationwide and overseas post and parcel delivery. This module is an intranet application for the organization that automates the accounts, billing, and payroll processes of the organization. The application is developed using JSP, SQL and runs on an apache-tomcat web server.

  • Duration July 1999 – December 2000
  • Languages/Tools WEB-Based Application- JSP, MSSQL, JavaScript, HTML
  • Team Size: 6
  • Role/Responsibilities: Team member


  • Good Experience as an Onsite Coordinator.
  • Received “Outstanding Performance Award” for the year 2003-04.

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