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CCNA Fresher Resume

CCNA Fresher Resume : People who have obtained the CCNA have been able to reach the second level of Cisco Information Technology certification. There are currently five levels of Information Technology specialists at Cisco. Duties of one who has passed the CCNA certification exam include managing, installing, troubleshooting, verifying, and implementing Cisco routers and switches.

Cisco CCNA Training

Cisco does offer CCNA training for men and women who wish to prepare themselves for the CCNA exam. The Cisco CCNA courses are available in an online setting and a classroom setting. Cisco charges a fee for each of the courses that are available for Cisco employees. The courses cover topics that are commonly associated with advanced Cisco Information Technology. Although completing the Cisco CCNA courses are not required to take the Cisco CCNA exam, taking the Cisco CCNA course does increase a person’s chances of passing the CCNA exam. Reading CCNA books can also help you pass the course.

The Cisco CCNA Exam

The Cisco CCNA exam is a composite test that lasts for ninety minutes. It is designed to test a person’s knowledge of advanced Information Technology topics. These IT topics include implementing network security and connecting to a wireless area network. IT topics also include IOS services. After completing the Cisco CCNA exam successfully, the technician is officially certified to perform specific Cisco associate duties.

Available CCNA Certification Paths

After passing the Cisco CCNA certification exam, the technician will be able to choose between eight different certification paths. The Cisco CCNA certification paths include design, routing and switching, service provider, network security, service provider operations, voice, wireless, and storage networking. Each CCNA certification path focuses on a specific aspect of Information Technology work.

CCNA Certification Offers a Better Salary

Men and women who complete the CCNA certification exam earn better salaries than those who do not pass the CCNA certification exam. The average Cisco CCNA certified technician makes over seventy thousand dollars each year.

Cisco CCNA Certification Recognition and the CCNA Logo

Obtaining the Cisco CCNA certification identifies each passing technician as someone who has been trained to become an expert on Information Technology. Passing the Cisco CCNA exam means that the technician has a vast knowledge of networking subjects and computer subjects.

Also, those who pass the Cisco CCNA exam have the right to display the CCNA logo. By displaying the CCNA logo, IT technicians are demonstrating to others that they are truly skilled professionals. This can help in gaining new clients or finding better employment opportunities.

Options for Taking the Exam

There are two ways that you can take the Cisco CCNA exam. You can take the entire thing at once or you can take two smaller exams. If you take the entire thing at one time and pass it, you can obtain your Cisco CCNA certification faster. It is also less expensive. However, taking the two smaller exams is a great way for you to easily focus on each subject. This may increase your chances of passing the exam.

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