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Driver Resume : Drivers are those professionals who drive a vehicle either heavy or general. When we say heavy vehicle driving, it means driving long vehicles like trucks and containers throughout the country to pick up and drop goods. Heavy-duty trucks are often owned by industries and businesses so drivers who drive them, work for the company as permanent employees.

Driving Work

Usually, a driver works about 48 hours per week and spends about 9 hours on the road driving. After 9 hours of driving, he won’t be able to drive anymore but can work other work if it doesn’t include driving.

Bus driving is also a part of heavy vehicle driving but it’s generally owned by the local administration of government so drivers here work as government employees. General vehicle driving includes cars, cabs, and small pickup trucks which just move within the city and don’t involve much experience and skills as compared to heavy vehicles.

Mostly the heavy vehicle drivers drive to other cities and usually drive at night and in the daylight, they sleep in their trucks to get ready for driving again. That means this can’t be done by a general cab driver and only professionals can do this kind of job.

Requirements of the job vary as we speak about general driving or heavy vehicle driving. A cab or private car driver doesn’t have to be that skilled as truck or container drivers. To apply for a cab driving, you just have to be at least a high school diploma holder and have a valid driving license.

If you have 1-2 years of experience, there is nothing you need more but extra skills like speaking foreign languages or having an experience of driving buses will make you different from other applicants. Although most of the drivers smoke to stay awake that’s just a setback for you if your employer knows that you smoke.

As you will be driving a vehicle and a lot of lives depend on you, you must have good eyesight. There is nothing wrong with a little weakness of eyesight like a roundabout 0.25 but more than that would be a major problem for you.

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Drivers of both general and heavy vehicles get paid on hourly wages but some of them get regular monthly salaries too. In the case of regular salary, a driver gets about $14000 per year which increases to $30000 with experience. And if you work on hourly wages, you get about $7-$8 per hour and extra income on part-time duty.

As we analyze this job and its earning, we come to know that it doesn’t pay us a very good salary but if you compare the earning with the skills you need for this job, it’s not that bad either. There are no age, gender, and education limits for applicants which means either you are a male or female, either you just got your license or have 30 years experience of driving, both are equally eligible for the job.

Key elements for a Driver Resume :

  • Experience is the only thing that will make you different from other applicants so it is like the one major element to apply for this job.
  • Attach a copy of your driving license with the resume because the only thing needed for driving is a license given by legal authorities.
  • Just give a little information about your studies of professional degree because it’s just an additional thing but has nothing to do with the job.
  • If you have any certificate by legal authorities given for your excellent driving skills, attach them with your resume because it shows you are perfect for the job.
  • If you have some kind of deficiency or disability like you can’t see properly at night or you are color blind, it’s better to write about that in your resume because it will help you to get proper duty shifts.

Don’t add things that make your resume look bad like:

  • Don’t use a fancy resume of more than one color and different fonts because let’s face it, this job is just about your driving abilities and no one will have time to see and appreciate the color scheme of your resume.
  • Never add personal information like marital status or social security number because your employer won’t have time to analyze all the information either relevant or irrelevant.
  • Don’t implement any conditions on your recruiter like you will only work at night and only work on a permanent salary because it will just make you look stubborn and unqualified for the job.

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