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Engineering Resume : In a world going through constant changes, engineering (coming from the Latin “to create, creation”) is, without doubt, an art, be it a technical, mechanical, or practical form of art. Engineering is quite a complex profession dealing with technical, practical matters of using resources and materials and transforming them into something more complex.

It means profound knowledge in various fields of activity such as Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry, etc and it also means knowing when and how to apply those skills. Engineering is not easy, it is the act of doing, it is the matter of the practical issues being taken care of.

Engineer Responsibilities

An engineer is a problem solver, a doer, a proactive person who “engineers”, who makes things work out. Engineering does not come as a matter in which you can become a professional in a year or two. It takes years of study and of practice to become a professional engineer.

It means experimenting and working hard, it means accumulating information from all fields of activity related to Engineering and it also means transforming ideas, solutions into practical things. Engineering means understanding processes and devices, making them work, fixing them, or even improving them.

Engineering is connected to everything that surrounds us: science, mechanics, thermodynamics, computers, electronics, physics, and maths.

Being a professional engineer means taking problems one at a time and solving them in the best manner. It means approaching a problem with the sound conviction that it will be solved in no time and it also means finding the quickest method to solve the issue.

Engineering means efficiency, immediate action, and reaction, it means adding safety to the complexity of systems, it means taking all factors into consideration and reaching performance. Engineering is never easy. It is about efficiency and problem solving but some of the times, problem-solving is not as easy as it should be.

Tips For A Good Engineer

A good engineer also needs to go through a whole process of research in order to find a solution to the existing problem. Engineers must be able to work in teams and to provide support to each other; they must be able to communicate effectively and to know how to “translate” technical phrases into understandable language for their superiors.

Engineering means using resources, energy and transforming them into something useful. A good engineer is also a good researcher and a great developer. Engineering also means maximization of resources and the ability to work with few resources but at the same quality level.

A good engineer will not waste his time and he will do his best to be efficient. If you are planning to work in engineering, you should expect a lot of work, study, and information that you have to acquire.

It is like taking a whole mixture of factors and trying to make something work from them. Engineers, as doers, have the ability to make things work in a way that suits everyone.
Engineering is one of the sciences that have among its purposes the welfare of mankind.

Why Engineer’s Are Important

Engineering makes things work so that humans can make use of them and live a comfortable life. Engineering also involves management, be it human resources management, financial management, time management, or, even more important, resources management.

Even if at first they seem unrelated, engineering and finances work together hand in hand. A professional engineer also needs to be able to work with money, knowing how to make things more efficient and thus more profitable. A good engineer is proud of his job and is doing his best to provide a viable solution to any problem whatsoever.

Good luck with your engineering career and don’t forget that one of the most important things about engineering is the complexity of the job and the ability to work with information from various fields of interest.

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