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Executive Chef Resume

Executive Chef Resume: Executive Chefs are responsible for food that goes out of the kitchen of hotels, restaurants, or other establishments. They have to prepare recipes and menus, launch food products, maintain culinary practices and make sure that the quality standards are respected.

Executive Chef Job Description

Executive Chefs need to supervise and coordinate the processes that are related to cooking. They have to know approximately how much food will be consumed by clients, check the food stocks, and order supplies if necessary. These skilled professionals have to ensure that the food prepared in the kitchen meets the standards.

Executive Chefs have to plan the price for the restaurant menus, prepare new recipe ideas, and decide what ingredients should be used for cooking. They can sometimes plan events, coordinate cooking training, courses, or exhibitions.

An Executive Chef resume can start with the contact information, with an introduction and a short qualifications summary. Then, you have to add the objective statement. The objective statement should describe what position you are looking for and what skills you have to obtain this position.

The next section of your resume has to be a bullet-pointed list of your skills and qualifications. Here, you should list your ability to communicate effectively with the customers and the employees and your outstanding leadership and organizational skills.

Executive Chef Resume Tips

The following section of your Executive Chef Resume has to focus on your work experience. Talk about your duties and responsibilities and add the name of the position, the name of the company you worked for, the location, and the period of employment. In the next section, you can add a section with your training.

Add just the highest degrees, preferably those in the culinary arts, hotel management, or another related field. When listing your training add the name of the degree, the school you attended, and the location of the school.

Executive Chefs are professionals responsible for coordinating and managing the activities that take place within a kitchen. They need to possess great interpersonal and time management skills.

Executive Chef Resume Sample

Contact Information

Name: Damian Johnson
Marital Status: 
Birth date: 


From my experience, I can state that Executive Chefs are responsible for the food that goes out of the kitchen of hotels, restaurants, or other establishments.


Executive Chef with over ten years of experience seeking a position in a well-established organization where I can utilize my experience and creativity.


Creative, talented, and experienced Executive Chef with deep knowledge in preparing and presenting various types of menus.

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Outstanding time management skills
  • Deep knowledge in creating food preparation and presentations
  • Ability to follow directions and client orders precisely

Work Experience

Executive Chef, Pyramid Hotel Group, Washington, DC

Duties and responsibilities

  • Coordinated all operations of the kitchen
  • Supervised a kitchen staff of 20 members
  • Recruited and trained new employees
  • Responsible for verifying the proper sanitation of the kitchen
  • Performed other duties as assigned

Executive Chef, Compass Group, Washington, DC

Duties and responsibilities

  • Responsible for everything that went out of the kitchen
  • Discovered and solved problems in a professional and rapid manner
  • Motivated staff to improve productivity
  • Maintained the kitchen clean to respect safety standards


Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Achievements and affiliations

Member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals since 2019

Areas of interest

Culinary Arts


References available upon request


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