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Firefighter Resume : Being a firefighter is probably one of the most challenging jobs in the world; it means risking your life every day and trying to do your best to save other people, at your own risk. Firefighters are brave men and women and their job is vital to the well being of society.

Firefighter Responsibilities

Firefighters’ duties and responsibilities are much more than those of extinguishing fire, firefighters are much more than simple people who come and turn fires off, they are specialized in many more aspects and have a huge responsibility towards life, safety, and security.

Firefighters need to deal with emergency medical situations and they need to be able to provide CPR and first aid when encountering casualties. They need to inspect buildings regarding fire safety, hydrants, and other public safety things.

A good firefighter needs to be able to search for casualties, while also keeping him safe from fire and other dangers. They need to rescue casualties as soon as possible and give first aid until medical care arrives.

After or during looking for casualties, firefighters need to suppress the fire, extinguish it and make sure that everything is safe again. Moreover, apart from saving human lives, firefighters need to make sure that damages to buildings and other properties are minimized.

Firefighters need to respond to medical calls and alarms, they need to provide care until medical units arrive and also assist in car accidents; they are also key rescue members in case of flood or other calamities.

A firefighter’s role involves an enormous responsibility and it is crucial that firefighters maintain a very good physical condition; they need to practice and remain healthy, in order to deal with difficult situations.

Firefighter Work Role

Firefighters play an important role in fire prevention and they need to make sure that safety procedures are being well met. Firefighters often visit schools and other institutions in order to teach other people about the importance of fire prevention and about what to do in case of fire.

In every company or school or institution, there is a fire drill specialist and firemen need to keep in touch with these persons to make sure that procedures are met.

Firefighters need to be able to act rapidly and to arrive at the crisis place or situation as soon as possible. A good firefighter needs to have a critical, realistic mind in order to evaluate the severity of a situation and to make the right moves fast.

When reaching a fire, firefighters have to come up with a practical plan so that the number of casualties might be or as small as possible and the goods losses are also minimized.

In the case of human casualties, firefighters need to act as quickly as possible. They need to carry the victims to a safe area, also protecting them from injuries during transportation. When they finally arrive at a safe spot, firemen need to assess the situation and decide if the victim’s injuries are life-threatening.

If so, but also in minor injury cases, firefighters need to be able to resuscitate the victim and to proceed with first aid procedures.


In a conclusion, firefighters have a complex job and their determination and courage have always been saving many lives. Firefighters are well-trained professionals who act in a courageous way and they generally serve other people.

They are there when a fire starts, or when accidents or calamities occur. They are the first ones arriving in case of a lock down and they will also assist in case of flooding. In order to become a firefighter, one must be convinced that this is the right thing to do because firefighting means dedication, courage, and the desire to save human lives.

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