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High School Teacher Resume

High School Teacher Resume : High school is the point after that the students will enter into practical and more serious life. Some of them will be employed by someone and others will continue their study. Unlike other teachers, a high school teacher has much more responsibilities.

He/she has to teach the students about life after high school. He/she has to prepare them for the upcoming events in their life when they will enter college. He has to teach the skills and abilities that they will need in college and professional life.

In a high school, a teacher usually teaches two to three subjects and has five to six classes throughout the day but this varies according to the school and location of the school. Some schools create classes according to the learning abilities of the students so they gather slow learners in one group and excellent students in another one.

This way it’s easy to teach them according to their own learning speed. If a high school has implemented this method, the teacher doesn’t have to work or struggle hard but most schools don’t do this.

They create the classes or groups according to the students getting admission, and that way a class includes students of every thinking style. This way the teacher has to work hard to meet the needs of every single one of them. He has to teach them by going to their learning level which may be slow or fast.

School administration requires a high school teacher to be more responsible with the students because this is like the most important milestone in their lives, and this is the point that will describe their upcoming life and the institution they will study in after high school.

A high school teacher is supposed to support the students in every activity so they learn more. This includes both regular studies and extracurricular activities playing or participating in a debate or speech competition.

This is the point where the teacher has to make his students more responsible so that they survive the outer world easily because after high school, no one is going to look after them as in high school, and they will be on their own.

They have to learn the skills and develop the capabilities so they can survive of worst circumstances and rise again to learn more.

The salary of a high school teacher varies according to different perspectives such as some schools pay higher pay scales where others comparatively don’t. Some schools offer extra benefits along with regular salaries like free education for their kids or free family medical.

The salary also varies according to the classes a highs school teacher teaches. Most teachers teach two to three subjects to five to six classes which adds up to 10 lecturers per day where there are teachers who give more than 15 lectures per day so their pay scale depends upon the amount of work.

Generally, a high school teacher earns up to $30000 per year which increases up to $50000 per year with experience and expertise.

Key elements to include in a high school teacher resume:

  • A high school teacher’s resume looks different from an elementary school teacher’s resume and both contain different items of information so before creating a resume, look out for the most suitable one and then make your resume the same like it.
  • Put your name and contact details at the top and try to make it a little bold. This will make it easier to look at and remember.
  • Write an objective of your own and don’t send out a resume with outdated information but always update your resume after every job or education.
  • Write about your studies and start with the most recent degree. Here you can also talk about the extra skills and certificates you have which will help you to understand a student and help him overcome his disabilities and weaknesses.
  • Start with the most recent job and talk about your work experience. There is no need to tell about a job you had 15 years ago or when you were in high school.
  • Instead of previous job duties, discuss your achievements and the awards you have won because of your excellent behavior with students. This will show your recruiter that you are perfect for the job, and he will call you for an interview.
  • Proofread your resume more than once and make it perfect. Don’t overestimate yourself and try to find a tiny mistake in the resume inside the dense paragraphs.

Things not to include in a high school teacher resume:

  • There is no need to use more than one page for your resume. If you have a lot to discuss, try to add only the important stuff and save the rest for the interview.
  • Don’t send out any references unless you are asked to do so in the job advertisement. Also, there is no need to add a sentence like “references will be provided on-demand”.
  • Always stick to a simple design and don’t make your resume look complicated by using different fonts or colors.
  • Don’t put the achievements in dense paragraphs but describe them in a single line so it will be easy to analyze.

Here is a preview of this Sample High School Teacher Resume created using MS Word.

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