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Hotel Manager Resume

A hotel manager (also known as a hotelier) is an individual who has a management job within a hotel, motel, or resort establishment. There are different management titles, duties, and responsibilities for every organization. Some hotels may give the title of the General Manager of the hotel to the hotel manager. In small hotels, there is a small management team comprising only two or three managers whereas large hotels may have a large management team comprising different departments and divisions.

Many hotel managers are self-employed, which sometimes brings about a wider set of regular duties, ranging from greeting guests to managing hotel finances. They usually work in long shifts that include late hours, weekends, and holidays because of the 24-hour operation of a hotel.

A fast-paced environment, with great interaction with guests, employees, investors, and other managers is the most common workplace in hotels for hotel managers.

Job description for Hotel Manager

Job description for Hotel Manager may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Sets and achieves sales and profit targets; Promotes and markets the food business; Maintains statistical and financial records; Meets and greets customers; Ensures events and conferences run smoothly; Addresses problems and troubleshooting.

Carries out inspections of property and services; Deals with contractors and suppliers; Ensures security is effective; Answers questions about hotel policies and services, and resolves customers complaints. Ensures that guests enjoy good customer service.

Manages budgets and financial plans and controls expenditure; Identifies staffs’ actions and evaluates whether it meets hotels’ standards. Estimates the number of rooms needed for special events. Monitors the number of open rooms when renting to non-event customers. Answers customers’ questions, make them feel at home and builds on-going relationships.

Tips for Writing Hotel Manager Resume:

Some of the most important tips for writing a Hotel Manager resume are as follows:

  • Divide the Hotel Manager Resume into separate sections and subsections along with short paragraphs and bulleted points to make it easily readable.
  • Include all necessary details, such as full name, contact information, telephone numbers, permanent address, email address, and objective.
  • Write your foremost professional achievements as Hotel Manager immediately after the objective section as this gives an idea about the quantifiable results of your work.
  • Since the Professional Experience section is very important for the hotel manager job, therefore, it must be above the Academic Qualifications section.
  • Preferably, describe your professional experience and related basic job duties and responsibilities in bullets.
  • Write all of your major skills that are pertinent to hotel management in the Skills section.


There are several things that need to be included in Hotel Manager Resume, which is as follows:

  • Write a career objective in your resume that strikes a chord with the employer.
  • It is important to summarize your strengths and key qualifications in the top half of the first page. This can be done with the Professional Achievements section.
  • Always emphasize your accomplishments when writing a Professional Experience section.
  • Under each employer, include a bulleted list of your most important accomplishments. Always show quantifiable results of your work in this section.
  • Add your major academic qualifications in your resume that are specifically related to hotel management.
  • Include a list of your key hotel management-related skills in your resume that can be beneficial to the potential employer.
  • Include the professional affiliations, and training, workshop, and seminars that you have attended related to your profession if any.


There are a few things that should be avoided in Hotel Manager Resume. They include:

  • Don’t include too many responsibilities and accomplishments in your resume as they will conceal the important points.
  • Don’t give a long list of skills as it will only be viewed with skepticism.
  • Don’t include photos in your Hotel Manager Resume.
  • Don’t falsify information in your resume in any case.
  • Don’t include irrelevant personal information, such as your hobbies, health, social security number, age, height, weight, religion, citizenship, race, marital status, or names of your wife and children.
  • Don’t include research papers, dissertations, or lists of publications.
  • Don’t make your resume too lengthy, as anywhere from one to three pages is enough.

Action Words:

Using action words in your resume can instantly change its look into a professional one. There are many action words that can be used in the Professional Achievements and Professional Experience sections of the Hotel Manager Resume. Some of the most important of these action words are as follows:

Allocated, Assisted, Arranged, Assigned, Answered, Analyzed, Coordinated, Conferred, Cooperated, Communicated, Dealt, Decided, Devised, Ensured, Experienced, Handled, Inspected, Managed, Maintained, Monitored, Observed, Organized, Provided, Planned, Purchased, Qualified, Recruited, Supervised, Trained, Used.

Interview Tips:

The interview is the most important part of a recruitment process, which largely affects the selection or rejection of a job candidate. Therefore, it is vital for the candidate to be well prepared for the interview.

Here are some important interview tips that need to be followed when interviewing for the Hotel Manager post.

  • Make a list of common interview questions related to hotel Management and answers, or you can answer them by yourself.
  • Determine field trends related to Hotel Management, which are presently happening in your industry, and how to face or solve them.
  • Identify attributes, traits, or abilities required for a Hotel Manager, which are related to this job and how to get them.
  • During the interview, maintain a professional manner and do not discuss personal problems.
  • Always close the interview by expressing gratitude and appreciation for their time.

Hotel Manager Resume Download


Contact information:

Name: Prince Jose




Work Experience:

  1. HOTEL ALKION **** CHALKIDIKI GREECE(capacity 70 rooms) Duration of employment:May 2011 to October 2013

Position: Hotel Executive


  • Staff management
  • Hotel reservations, both locally and abroad with T/O
  • Accounting, especially with regards to the contracts and F/B manager
  • Daily food menu

Accomplishments: Managed to increase the annual profit of the Hotel, by improving thosefactors which are absolutely necessary to make a Hotel company more popular with clients, such as quality of beverages and food, cleanliness and staff politeness. All of the above, combined with reasonable accommodation pricing resulted in more clients feeling completely satisfied by their stay in the hotel.

  • DAPHNE HOLIDAY CLUB *** CHALKIDIKI GREECE (capacity 73 rooms) Duration of employment: July 1998 to February 2010

Position: Hotel Manager


  • Hotel reservations, locally and abroad with T/O
  • Accounting, especially with regards to the contracts and F/B manager
  • Daily food menu

Accomplishments: Managed to increase the annual profit of the Hotel, by improving thequality of service.

  • DION RESORT HOTEL : GRITSA LITOHORO-GREECE **** 200 rooms Duration of employment: March 1994 to January 1995.

Position: Hotel Manager


  • Staff management
  • Hotel reservations, locally and abroad with T/O
  • Accounting
  • Organizing the daily food menu and other recreations

Accomplishments: Managed to increase the annual profit of the Hotel, by improving thequality of service.

  • HOTEL PORT MARINA ***PALIOURI CHALKIDIKI-Greece (capacity 100 rooms) Duration of employment: 1996-1997

Position: Hotel Manager

Responsible  for reservations and T/0 contracts.

Markets: English and German countries.

  • HOTEL CAPITOL **** (currently named HOLIDAY INN) Thessaloniki Greece (capacity 198 rooms)

Duration of employment: March 1975 to November 1977

Position: Hotel Manager

Responsibilities: Management of all reservations, staff, F/B manager, accounts, daily menu,foods, special program with live music every week.

Accomplishments: Generated satisfactory annual profit.


Duration of employment: December 1997 to December 1993.

Position: Bank business administrator: 1977 to 1990

Bank Manager: 1990-1993

  • DELTA HOTEL *** Thessaloniki Greece (capacity 73 rooms) Duration of employment: 1969 to 1974

Position: Hotel Manager

Responsibilities: reservations, F/B Manager, accounts, businessman clientele.

  • Grande Bretagne Athens: ***** (capacity 387 rooms) Duration of employment: 1966 , 5 months

Position: Hotel staff member.

Responsibilities: Service and reception


Duration of employment: 1966 , 5 months

Position: Hotel staff member.

Responsibilities: Service and reception


1980-1984: MACEDONIA UNIVERSITY OF THESSALONIKI, Degree in business administration and management

1973 Confirmation from Ecole superieure de l’ hotellerie et le tourism De Saint Cergue , Lausanne Switzerland.

1965-1966 Hotel and tourism management school , Thessaloniki Greece.

Training Courses :

National Bank of Greece : Import – export , Currency, Funding

Greek Bank Union: Management Portfolios and Factoring-International Forfaiting.


English: good

French: Conversational

German: Limited

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Prince Jose
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