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HR Manager Resume

HR Manager Resume : The human resource manager creates and implements policies to effectively use the abilities of employees within the organization. The key purpose of an HR manager is to make it possible that the organization hires the right number of employees at the right time and the hired staff is well qualified and efficient.

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It’s also the duty of the HR manager to make sure that firm provides on-the-job training and new techniques of working with more effectiveness to its employees. This is only to improve their work and to achieve the pre-aimed goals of the organization.

HR Manager Responsibility

An HR manager performs a number of duties such as recruiting new staff, deciding their pay scale, conditions of employment, and cooperation and conciliation with company-related markets and other businesses. On the other hand, an HR manager makes and presents the most effective policies and proposals related to human resource services.

When an HR manager is hired in an organization, his employer expects a number of tasks from him. These tasks may vary according to the type of business, its size, and location.

A small size company sometimes can’t afford a whole separate HR department so the HR manager works with management and administration where on the other hand, a huge business always works with a separate HR division which is lead by a manager or supervisor. An HR manager is supposed to:

  • Recruit new staff members and fire existing ones who are unable to fulfill the company’s requirements.
  • Train these new employees and make them perfect for the organization.
  • Provide them with job training and teaching of improved techniques.
  • Develop the organization by developing its employees.
  • Put the right person at the right job at the right time.
  • Maintain an excellent atmosphere within the organization for staff and management.
  • Keep an eye on employee’s performance to decide which one deserves promotion and bonuses.
  • Make sure that employees work with all necessary safety measurements and there is no danger to their health.
  • Provide counseling to the staff members in case of a dispute or psychological problem with an employee.

HR Manager Salary

The salary of an HR manager varies according to the business type, company size, and the tasks he has. It also depends upon the location of the organization like in European countries HR manager in a firm is as important as the administration but in backward countries like Pakistan and India, organization owners try to cut back their expenses and give the additional HR responsibility to the general management and save a lot of money.

Usually, the salary of an HR manager varies from $65000 to $90000 per year which increases up to $125000 per year with experience. These managers are also provided with additional benefits like health insurance, free medical for family, and free education for kids along with annual performance bonuses.

Although higher and professional education is compulsory for this career but the pay is so good that a lot of students are now focusing on HR instead of finance and accounting.

Key Elements To Include In An HR manager Resume:

  • When a job is offered thousands of applicants send a resume which makes it a stressful job for the recruiter to go through every resume so when it comes to a pile of resumes, employer tend to choose simple ones which are easy to read and analyze. So don’t hesitate to send out a resume with leftover empty space because there are chances that you will be asked for an interview.
  • It’s just a childish act to use a different font only to look different among other applicants. Stick to simple fonts and single color which may not seem very trendy but believe me, it’s the right one.
  • Read the job ad very carefully and then write an objective which suits the job. Don’t kill your first impression by putting an old or several times used objective but always write a new one.
  • High light the skills you have which are necessary for the job and the related achievements you had during previous jobs which may help you at this job.
  • Put your name and contact information at the top of your resume in slightly bold font so it will be easy to access and remember.
  • Proofread the resume twice and look for tiny mistakes of grammar and spellings which will are hard to find but your recruiter will see them at the first glance.

Things That You Should Remove From HR Manager Resume

  • Don’t use a resume that contains more than one page. The main purpose of a resume is to get you an interview so don’t pour all of the useless and irrelevant information.
  • Avoid giving personal information like marital status or social security number because no one will have time to review all that and it will just make your resume look messy.
  • Don’t lie about your past experience or education because soon you will get caught and get fired.
  • Don’t use the same words or sentences again and again but always use a new word and create a unique sentence to describe the same thing again.

Here is a preview of this sample HR Manager Resume created using MS Word.

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