Medical Assistant Resume For Externship

Medical Assistant Resume For Externship

Medical Assistant Resume For Externship : A medical assistant is a multitasking personnel and a necessary part of a medical professional’s team either he is a physician or surgeon. A medical assistant is an essential part of a medical facility either it’s a hospital, laboratory, or private clinic.

A medical assistant does several tasks such as he sits outside the office and acts as a front desk officer where he assists incoming patients and clients and escorts them to the right department or appropriate doctor.

Taking messages from visitors if the doctor is busy at the moment or receiving his delivery packages on his behalf, answering phone calls of patients and fixing time for their treatment, taking samples from the patients and sending them to laboratories and getting back the results to update the patient history and a lot of other tasks like he also organizes the filling system where he prepares the history of patients and updates it on every visit.

He acts like an accountant too where he receives fees from patients and maintains a financial statement and audits at the end of every day.

Sample Medical Assistant Resume For Externship:

When a medical assistant is hired he is supposed to provide the following services:

  • Welcoming visitors and patients and helping them to get to the right person inside the medical facility.
  • When a patient comes, asking for his problem and escorting him to the right department.
  • Writing the names and contact information of every visitor either it’s a patient or guest.
  • Answering phone calls and assisting the patients by fixing appointments for them and calling them again to make sure that they are coming as per schedule.
  • Providing insurance forms to patients and saving them in their files for the record.
  • Maintaining the accounts payable and receivable.

The salary of a medical assistant varies highly with the type of medical facilities such as in case it’s a hospital the salary will be high as compared to a private clinic or laboratory. It also depends on the size of the facility like whether it’s a local or a nationwide chain of hospitals and how experienced doctors and surgeons work there and what is the turnover of that facility.

It also highly depends upon the locations of the hospital or clinic like in America these assistants are paid high salaries but in backward countries like Pakistan and India, their salaries are comparatively low. Generally, a medical assistant earns up to $31000 per year which increases up to $37000 per year once you have gained good experience.

Besides the regular salary, these assistants also get paid on hourly wages where they get about $8 to $11 per hour. This is not a good-paying career but it’s excellent when you can’t do a full-time job and has to take care of a family or kids.

Single parents are very suitable for this job as they can earn good money with very flexible hours and the main benefit of this career is that it doesn’t need any higher or professional education and a high school graduate can do the job with great expertise.

Objective Medical Assistant Resume:

  • Put your name and contact information at the start of the resume in bold fonts so it will be very easy to find and process.
  • Analyze the job and the company thoroughly and then come up with the compatible abilities and skills needed for the job. This way you will be assured that you have added just the right things.
  • Instead of using readymade lines, write a new and unique objective that goes with the job and introduces you to the recruiter.
  • Include information about your education but only the courses that are relevant to the job.
  • Discuss special skills you have such as typing speed, operating medical-related software, having good knowledge of financing or accounting, and dealing with people with great ease.
  • Talk about your experiences that are relevant to the job and attach the certificates you got for doing volunteer work if you have any.
  • If you have studied in a medical field like basic first aid, CPR or operation assisting, put that in your resume.
  • Spend a little time designing the resume and don’t send out an old one that you have used in a previous job. Always update your resume on regular basis.

You should eliminate from your resume such as:

  • Don’t use a resume that contains more than one page. If there is a lot to discuss, only put the important things and remove less relevant stuff.
  • Don’t provide references unless you are asked to. Also, there is no need to write a line such as “references will be provided if needed”.
  • Don’t put your experiences in dense paragraphs where it will be difficult to read and understand.
  • Don’t discuss the salary figure you are expecting but leave it to discuss face to face during the interview.

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