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Receptionist Resume

Receptionist Resume : A receptionist is a very important part of a company’s success in the outer world because practically the receptionist is the first one who interacts with the client in the company either it’s on telephone or face to face.

The receptionist’s job includes a variety of tasks but the key purpose of having a receptionist is to courteously welcome the visitors and clients in the office and presenting the office staff with great credibility.

Besides meeting visitors and clients personally in the office, the receptionist attends the incoming calls and transfers them to the related employees. They also help inside staff to contact other divisions or other staff members in the same department.

When it comes to meeting with the incoming clients, the receptionist provides them with visiting passes and takes them to the conference room where officials are waiting for them. If there is already a meeting going on, it’s also the job of the receptionist to tell clients or visitors to wait for a moment and ask them if they want anything to drink like water or coffee.

If someone is just here to get information about your business or services your company’s providing, the receptionist assists them with the required information and provides them with needed brochures and pamphlets.

In busy working hours, the receptionist takes messages from outsiders and passes them to the appropriate employees when they are free. Employees can’t meet with the currier guy every time they have a package so in that situation; the receptionist is allowed to receive that parcel and sign on behalf of that employee and later send it to that worker’s office.

When we talk about the money a receptionist makes, we get to know that this is not an ideal job because an average receptionist makes $12000 per year and he can earn up to $25000 per year after gaining good experience.

There are also some companies which offer hourly wages to their receptionists instead of regular monthly salary. In this case, this is a great job for those females who can’t do a full-time job and have a family or kids to take care of.

Although money is not good in this career if you are not that educated or just have a high school diploma, you can apply for this job and this is the best thing about this career. It doesn’t need a highly qualified person or professional degree holder so this will be your best choice if you don’t have higher education or doing a job for the first time.

Key Elements to include in a Receptionist Resume:

  • Put your name and contact information at the start of the resume in slightly bold font so it will be very easy to analyze and remember.
  • Instead of adding a resume that tells that you want to utilize your abilities, use an objective which highlights your potential to the recruiter. Analyze the job carefully that you are applying for and then write an objective which shows that you are the only best option for the vacancy.
  • Writing the objective in a paragraph is very important when you don’t have that much experience or simply no experience. These lines will divert the attention of the employer from the factor that you don’t have experience.
  • Now add information about your education and what you have received throughout your study period. Enlist names of your educational institutes along with the degree that you earned. If you have some extra certificates that you earned in extracurricular activities or studies and they are related to the job, attach them with the resume.
  • If you have the experience, this is the place to put that in your resume. Only discuss the most recent and important jobs of your professional career and avoid telling about unrelated jobs.
  • After that, it’s time to add your special skills like typing speed, knowledge of accounting or filling systems, experience in operating a computer program like word or excel, or languages you can speak. This will make you look different from other applicants and provide you an extra edge.

There are also some elements not to add to your Receptionist Resume such as:

  • There is no need to attach an extra page even if you have great experiences. If a single page can’t contain all the information, eliminate the less worthy details like jobs you had 15 years ago or internships you did during your studies.
  • There is no need to add personal information such as your height or marital status. No employer has that much time to review these details.
  • There is no need to add alike such as “references will be provided on-demand”. Everyone knows that if you have references, you will provide them if you are asked. So don’t do anything stupid which will set you back.
  • Every job is different even if the job description is the same, tasks vary according to the organization. So don’t add anything like previous employer’s comments about your abilities or skills because the recruiter will see that as a bribe to get the job.

Here is a preview of this Sample Receptionist Resume created using MS Word.

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