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Secretary Resume : Secretary is an employee who works for both a single officer or a team of employees and helps them to make their work easy and effective. A secretary routine clerical work and administrative tasks like meeting with the clients, making appointments, arranging for meetings, and other tasks like organizing paperwork and entering data into a computer database on daily basis.

In a way, the secretary acts as a filter and diverts the extra load from his seniors, and responds to the general inquiries by himself.

A secretary answers the phone and transfers the calls to the appropriate employee. He or she sits at the front desk and meets with the incoming people as well as regular clients. It’s not possible for someone to handle the office work, answer the phone calls, arrange for meetings and take time to go to an office conference by himself so that why a secretary is an essential part of an office.

When you are hired as a secretary, your employer will keep an eye on you and your work to make sure that you are the right person for the right job so you better prepare yourself for the work environment.

You have to consider that the working of your officer will depend upon your efficiency and abilities that you have and the way you handle a specific situation. You have to stay active, fresh, and pleasant all the time even in the worst situations when your boss will be yelling at you or some client will be shouting at you because of some error in the meeting schedule.

You will be talking to a lot of people regularly and that sometimes just makes you cry but that’s the deal with this job and you have to stay focus and aware of every task and act you do.

When it comes to money, it’s a little disappointing for a secretary because initially their pay starts from $11000 to $15000 per year and after that, you have earned very good experience, you may get about $20000 per year which depends upon the organization.

There is no chance of extra earning at this job but the good thing about this career is that it doesn’t need a very professional or educated person. You won’t need to have a professional degree and you can apply even with a high school diploma and some extra certificates.

Another beautiful thing about this career is that as you are the secretary to your boss, he will need you wherever he goes which means a lot of business trips and tours in other countries and locations which is quite amazing.

Key elements to add to a secretary resume:

  • Always use a single sheet resume unless you have great past experiences and try to stick with a single color and simple themes.
  • Write your own objective instead of using a readymade line. Analyze the firm you are applying for and then pour your thoughts into the resume sheet in form of a unique objective.
  • Add all the information about your professional studies and in case you don’t have any, just tell about your high school diploma but don’t lie about your education at any cost.
  • Give details about your past experiences and skills you have learned from your previous jobs which will help you at the job you are applying for.
  • If you have learned extra abilities and got certificates of studies like public relations, add that too.
  • As a secretary, you will meet a lot of people on daily basis so let your employer believe that you are very good with people and have a very good talent for handling bad situations.
  • If you have extra computer skills like operating software of excellent typing speed, add that too.

Also, there are other things that you don’t want to add to your resume such as:

  • Don’t add information about irrelevant jobs which has nothing to do with the position you are applying for.
  • Do not attach any letter of recommendation or references with your resume until you are asked to do so.
  • In case of having more than one previous job, don’t make your resume look messy by adding all of those jobs instead, just add the most important and recent jobs.

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