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Translator Resume Sample

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Translator Resume Sample

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An expert translator of multiple foreign languages, with skills in translating real-time conference dialogues and paperwork with swiftness and efficiency, I seek a competitive job in a leading office, where I can contribute my skills and help in the growth of the company.

Profile/ Summary:

  • An extensive experience of 8 years, working in the Foreign Secretary’s office in White House.
  • 2 years of solid experience in the corporate sector, during I worked as a translator for NBV Group.
  • Frequent guest to Russia, Iran and other countries, as translator, while accompanying the Foreign Secretary’s staff.
  • Accompanied the Defense Secretary to the UN meet, 2009-2010 and 2010-2011.
  • Certified translator in German, Russian, and French from the American Institute of Linguistics, NY.

Skill Set:

  • Specialist in Russian, German and French linguistics and complete grammar.
  • Excellent at speedy translations, both verbal and written, thanks to my rich experience from the past.
  • Also trained in mannerism and conduct, varying from country to country, thus enabling me to understand the foreign gestures and related traditions.
  • Rich experience of international conferences

Other Skills:

  • Excellent computer skills
  • Proficient with iPhone, iPad and video conferencing technologies.
  • Well read through some of the greatest international literature and poetry, enabling me to understand better, their historical, cultural and behavioral trends.

Work Experience:

White House, Foreign Secretary’s Office
Translator- Russian and Iranian

  • Went with the Defense Secretary for the UN meet, consecutively in 2009-2010 and 2010-2011.
  • Handled the video-conferencing talks with the foreign delegates.
  • Translation of all the official documents.
  • Attended 8 international conferences across Moscow.

New York University
Professor of Russian Linguistics

  • Department head of the foreign Linguistics Department

NBV International

  • Translated official documents Russian on the office’s behalf.
  • Accompanied the Vice-President to international business meetings and guided him through the translation from foreign language to English.
  • Co-ordinate all the questions and collated answers based on the company’s response.


  • Certified in German, Russian, and French
  • M.A. English from the University of New York.


  • Qualified from the American Institute of Linguistics, NY, with A+ grade.
  • Went to the United Nations’ Conference as a translator.
  • Hold the academic post of Professor of Russian Linguistic at the New York University
  • Rich experience in both, government and corporate setup.


Available on request.


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