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Bio Data Format

Bio Data Format: The World Wide Web is a treasure trove of information, containing everything anyone can imagine, from news and political issues on the other side of the globe to simple how-to crafts videos. One needs to only type, search and download instructions or videos on how to get things done.

Thus, for a job seeker having difficulty in crafting his/her bio data, the Internet is deemed an invaluable savior. Don’t know how to begin? There are articles on bio data types with downloadable samples. Don’t know how to make one? Hundreds of templates are available online, ready for download and modification. At this age, an individual no longer needs to hire a professional resume writer if he/ she feels that somehow, he/ she is equipped with adequate writing skills.

Bio data Formats: Easily Downloadable

A biodata generally contains the candidate’s personal and contact information as well as his/ her work experience, educational qualification, and professional and/ or technical skills. However, typing “bio data format” on Google reveals there are many types of bio data that can be utilized by an individual according to his/her needs. In general, there are three basic bio data format:

• Chronological – the traditional format; it emphasizes the work experience and profession of the individual

• Functional – focuses on the individual’s achievements and skills

• Combination – includes both work experiences and achievements and skills although usually less detailed but maybe longer than either the chronological or functional types

Many people are used to the general bio data format as described in the first paragraph, but downloading and reviewing other sample formats will help a jobseeker craft a biodata distinctive of his/ her character and skills.

Aside from the chronological, functional, and combination types, bio data formats can be written according to an individual’s profession or experience. For example, an entry-level or college graduate resume is different from a veteran senior projects manager, as the former may emphasize his/ her educational qualifications and accomplishments in school or other extracurricular activities; the latter may be more particular about his/ her accomplishments at work, as well as his/ her contribution to an organization.

To start writing a biodata, first consider which format will best acknowledge strengths but not necessarily hide some weaknesses. Create a crude biodata first, choose which to highlight, then download a suitable template accordingly.

Downloading a Template

A crude biodata will determine which format is suitable to use. Downloading bio data format will save time and effort since the layout and design are already there. The only important thing to be done is to input and edit one’s information and proof it. And the best part? The biodata formats downloaded are free and even professional looking.

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